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Your Secret Weapon: 6 Coaches to Help You Through Struggles and Troubles

I hope you all enjoyed Part 1 of the Your Secret Weapon series! Now, as promised, we’re going to explore a variety of relevant coaching genres. Reason being, I want you to be able to pinpoint the perfect coach for you. One who will take you from flustered to focused and help you to create a master plan and guide you to triumph!

Though, before I jump into the types of coaches, let’s grasp the definition of what a coach is/does. While this does vary slightly depending on the specified concentration, each essentially has the same core principles:

  • Guide clients through changes to improve their status quo and help them excel to meet their aspirations.
  • Support clients through difficult times and overcome life’s obstacles.
  • Build and empower clients to where they can take the lead on the changes they are determined to make.

We work as educators, accountability partners and motivators – supporting clients to reach their goals. We gently dig to the clients’ core and work to ensure that they are healthy and intentionally progressing from the inside out. We focus on the problem, making sure the root isn’t tender, while providing creative techniques to help them overcome their unique hurdles. We are champions for our clients and do all that we can to make sure that in the end, you win.

Okay, onto the goodies – here are the coaches that play background as your secret weapon, while you rise to the forefront and shine bright like a diamond.

1. Leadership Coaching:
This is needed today more than ever, especially in regards to organizational change! If you are still in the corporate arena or are an entrepreneur with a team of employees, a Leadership Coach would be the perfect weapon in your arsenal to take your company to the next level. Leadership Coaches aid in altering the status of any business in order to help them grow and adjust to today’s swiftly shifting marketplace. Leadership Coaches essentially facilitate this productive transformation in employees, teams and systems — which enables company leaders and especially employees, to unveil their currently untapped potential.

2. Career Coach:
Whether you are a part of the workforce, an entrepreneur or rest somewhere in between, you know we all share a common denominator — career difficulties. If you are facing these tough times now and aren’t seeing light at the end of this tumultuous tunnel, consider working with a career coach before calling it quits. This type of coach will help you strategically work through these troubles and do all that they can to ensure you end up with the odds in your favor. If you are considering a new career path all together, this confidant will help you weigh your options, ensuring that you’re headed down the right path.

3. Financial Coaches:
In this day in age, many know the feeling of financial hardship to some degree. This is why Financial Coaches are such an assist to this list. This coach guides you to monetary solace by pinpointing spending or debt to income conflicts and money management issues. Once the root of the issue is uncovered, they work with you to offer budget options. After a few sessions you will not only resurface wiser, but if the agreed-upon process is aggressively implemented, you will soon be free from financial bondage, as well!

4. Entrepreneurial Coach:
Yes, there are several million resources online to guide you through this leap of faith, but it can’t provide you with the success rate that an Entrepreneurial Coach can offer. Through sessions with them you will learn if entrepreneurship is right for you — and if it is, they can help propel you to profitability and lead you to the proper framework to drive the best outcome possible. So are you ready to start, grow and manage your own business? Then make an appointment with your entrepreneurial coach! After all, why waste time and money rebuilding the wheel when they can show you how to get it rolling?

5. Sales Coach:
This type of coaching works towards many goals when it comes to your business, but they all boil down to the same one – hitting the target! Not only would a Sales Coach boost your ability to achieve your desired percentage increase. Like all other styles of coaching this requires a unique one-on-one approach, especially since (like all other styles of coaching) it’s not a “one size fits all” technique. Keep in mind their job isn’t to manage your results, but instead they monitor your behaviors and tactics which they then help you alter to get your desired results. If you own a sales centered business, another great benefit of a Sales Coach would be to help you retain your top performers, by helping them become even more effective and successful in their quest to remain the best. Sounds like a win-win, to me!

6. Life Coach:
Much of what a Life Coach does is listed above in the definition, though, let me elaborate on how we can be beneficial to you. As a life coach I can assure you, we strategically ask questions to lead clients to identifying and evaluating their life’s hurdles, complications and goals. After we nail down the clients concerns or what obstacles are blocking their aspirations, we work to reveal their innate ability to problem solve — yes, you have the skills to overcome anything and we show you how. Once we’ve identified the above and begin planning the best resolution, we support them towards the results. We are dedicated to the client as a whole, to ensuring they succeed in life and clear every roadblock along the way. We do all that we can to help you succeed.

Yet, even with all that a coach is capable of assisting you in achieving, even the best coach is powerless with a stubborn or unenthused client. As Keith Rosen said in his book Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

“… Coaching was collaborative as well as interactive.”

So yes, you have to be willing to do the work and to show up for your role in this relationship. If not, the coach is left being the only person fighting for your success, which is not theirs to obtain – it is yours. No one should want you to meet your goals more than you do. So buckle up, find the best coach for you and be prepared for the results! Oh and don’t forget your crown, queen.

See you next time for the next edition of the Your Secret Weapon series – where I unveil how…

Cesley is EmpireLifeMag.Com’s Contributing Editor. She is a certified Empowerment Coach, as well as the Creator & Founder of Solace Services, LLC. Through Solace Services, Cesley guides women to their true voice — enabling them to live a life of purpose! Through her own personal experience, she also empowers Christian Singles to live their best lives NOW!

You can follow Cesley on all social sites at: LifeCoachCes and track her motivational posts via the hashtag: #LCCes. For client or booking inquiries, please email:


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