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31 Days. 31 Women. 31 Profiles: Young Black Woman of Inspiration, Dunnie Onasanya

In a world of never ending noise, it is often difficult to comprehend the voices of positivity piercing the atmosphere. We sometimes negate the forward thinking young Black women seeking to perform greater works in society. It is inevitable that the force will drown out our voices. We must push harder, scream louder and become bolder in our ambitious walks. Be forward-thinking like Evita. Create the images you wish to see as Issa did. Be like Ayori’s mother and set examples that our children can follow. Promote ideas as educators like Marshalette, and become goal annihilators like the next young Black woman of inspiration, Dunnie Onasanya!

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Dunnie Onasanya

What doesn’t this woman do?

Since graduating from Tuskegee University, Dunnie Onasanya has hit the ground running and is showing no signs of slowing down. A native of Gaithersburg, Maryland, she committed to fulfilling her life-long passion of becoming an event planner. After relocating to California, it is safe to say she has surpassed her own ambitions. Dunnie is one of Los Angeles’ premier event coordinators. Spearheading and promoting popular events such as Facet Fashion Week, which has become a staple among the who’s who in LA.

FFW isn’t your normal run of the mill local fashion show. Dunnie, along with her husband, has mastered the art of brokering sponsorship deals, providing top quality production teams and producing television worthy productions. Recently, the newly Mrs. Hasan and husband Ibrahim Hasan welcomed their first addition; a beautiful baby girl. Motherhood is definitely not slowing her down. If anything I think the challenge pushes her to work harder.

Every girl deserves a day of pampering and lavish parties. I am so glad Dunnie is willing to put in the works to make it happen. If you are in California or would like for  Dunnie Onasanya to produce an event for you connect with her by LinkedIn. You will also catch some great shots of her productions on Instagram.

Like Dunnie, go out and be extraordinary because the torch is waiting on you Empirelista!

Breian S. Brockington is the multifaceted writer and designer behind Kurvy Etiquette (, a blog and plus size fashion label focused on all things beauty and body positive.

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