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Unlock The Panelist: Timeesha Duncan of The Bombshell Business Academy

Can you believe The Unlocked Summit Atlanta is TOMORROW! Kicking off this amazing weekend, we’ll be taking over Atlanta’s sleek M Bar for a night of networking, shopping and learning at The Unlocked Lounge tonight!

Introducing one of tonight’s incredible panelists, meet Timeesha Duncan of The Bombshell Business Academy!

Timeesha Duncan is a Brand and Social Media Strategist for Bombshell businesswomen who want to create an authentic and powerful brand that steals the hearts of their dream clients, stands out from their competition and gives them the freedom to live their life out loud, unapologetically.

Timeesha is the founder of The Bombshell Business Academy, an online training program for female entrepreneurs, which provides them with the latest tools and strategies to attract their dream clients, and market and sell their businesses in today’s competitive market. Timeesha is also Co-Founder of the Quit Your 9 to 5 Academy alongside her husband, Damian Duncan, Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. Together they work with passion driven entrepreneurs who are still stuck in their day jobs and want to create their exit plan, divorce their 9 to 5’s for good and monetize their passion full-time.

Timeesha is the co-host of the popular, Quit Your 9 to 5 Podcast Show and has been featured in prestigious outlets such as The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Oh Brides Magazine, Occasions Magazine, Inspire Smart Success, Munaluchi Bride,, Hostess with the Mostess Blog, and a host of others.

Empire Life: Describe your journey to creating The Bombshell Academy, as a young Black entrepreneur.

Timeesha Duncan: My journey has been an extremely long one that I am not sure we have time for!

I can tell you that entrepreneurship is definitely not an easy road and is not built for the weak at heart.  I created the Bombshell Business Academy as a labor of love to help other female entrepreneurs to not have to struggle as hard as I did when I was starting my business many years ago.

While I had experience in the entertainment and fashion industries, I had never owned my own business until I moved to Atlanta and decided to follow my passion in creating an event planning boutique. I was a phenomenal event planner and designer if I may say so myself, but I struggled to get clients… the right clients, and didn’t know how to really monetize my passions. The industry wasn’t that giving in that those that did have it figured out wasn’t really willing to share . Maybe in fear that perhaps I would take their shine or their clients.  So I struggled. I copied what others were doing only to find out that what worked for them didn’t work for me and lost myself in the process. I thought I had to plaster Caucasian women all over my websites to be accepted, and “fit in”. But it didn’t feel real, or authentic. My clients were black, my lifestyle was that of a black woman, and I was afraid to show who I really was in fear of being judged.

Through a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears, I cracked the code and created my own system to getting the perfect client that I adored and adored me, all while staying true to my authentic self.  I made a vow that once I figured it out, I would share what I knew with the world because I always felt that there is enough for everybody to eat. And so the Bombshell Business Academy was born.

Timeesha Official Cropped (1)EL: How has Atlanta shaped your entrepreneurial journey? 
TD: Atlanta actually didn’t shape my entrepreneurial journey, if I can be honest. New York did. I am a born and raised “New Yawker” and growing up in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of gave me the resilience I needed to withstand the struggles, rejections, judgments and disappointments I faced while trying to build my business.

The one thing I will say is that Atlanta is the home of promise.  We moved to Atlanta, because it was promising for young black women and men who wanted to live the good life and make something for themselves.

Atlanta is where I created my family, and my business so I am forever grateful to this peachy city.

EL: As a panelist at The Unlocked Lounge, what does it mean to you to empower other women? 

TD: Women are the most powerful beings in this world, but most of us just don’t know it yet. If we were to band together instead of always competing with each other, we can “persuade a nation” as my sister, Beyonce’ said (yes we’re related, you didn’t know?).

Women, especially black women are the most undervalued beings on this planet. And most of us don’t really realize our value and worth. So my mission in life is to help women see their value and understand what amazing possibilities they can create with their life if they only believed it could happen.

This whole “women’s empowerment” movement is going strong, but unfortunately, many that talk the talk that don’t actually walk the walk. So I strive to be the opposite of that. People say, “you can have whatever you want in life” and for a long time I never believed that. Until I started manifesting the things that I wanted in life. The things that I thought were impossible to achieve.  So I want to show other women how to do the same thing.

EL: What are the top two things you want registrants to take away from your participation in The Unlocked Lounge panel?

TD: I want registrants to know:
1. That you are powerful and have a unique gift to share with the world. Stop comparing yourselves to other people and doubting your abilities. You can create an abundance of possibilities for your life.
2.  Don’t be afraid to embrace who you really are in order to stand out and be heard.  Everyone is doing the same thing, sounds the same, looks the same. Embrace the “Bombshell” in you and infuse that in your business and your overall brand and stand for that. Stand for you. The right people will fall in love with you and then buy anything you sell, even if it’s air.

EL: Last but not least, what is one piece of advice that you would like to give to any young woman working to build her own empire? 
TD: Don’t give up. If this is something you truly want, pursue it, dream it, chase it and then live it.  Be true to yourself and what you love to do it. Do what fires you up and forget the rest. If it’s not true to you, don’t do it and don’t think you have to fit into a mold just to fit in.  The goal is NOT to fit in so you can shine like the diamond you are.

So excited to catch more gems tonight at The Unlocked Lounge! See you all in ATL!

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