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Time Mastery: Getting More Done with Less Time

The modern day female entrepreneur is pulled in many directions. Not only is she a boss visionary force on a mission, she’s a woman fulfilling many important roles. In my book, Vision Boss, I tackle the topic of time and productivity because I believe it is the biggest obstacle for visionaries. I found that the idea of trying to create more time is great in theory, but not always practice. So, years ago I decided to approach the entire subject differently. Here were some of the small, but impactful, perspective shifts I absorbed into my own life.

  1. Learn Your Rhythm – Everyone has their own optimal flow zone. A time when they just operate more effectively. Take an honest look at your day, and your energy throughout the day, for at least a week. Take note of the times of day where you feel most inspired, motivated and naturally focused. If you notice a pattern, you found your rhythm. When you work with your rhythm and not against it, you accomplish things more efficiently. I used to spend so much time trying to be a morning person because I thought that was the key to increased accomplishment. When I honored my unique flow instead, it increased my productivity, and felt better too.
  2. Power Tasks – Sometimes the overwhelming idea of how to get something done can stop you from actually getting it done. You may think: “Well, I can’t get all of it done so, i’ll just wait for when I have more time.” As a visionary in a busy world you have to start breaking big things down into tasks that are more inviting to accomplish. This is where Power Tasks come in. They are to-do lists on three Red Bull’s. You don’t just write what you have to do. You write what you want to accomplish, but in extremely detailed action focused thoughts. The more you break down a Power Task into detail the easier it will be to accomplish it when even the smallest patch of time is available.
  3. Progress Pockets – Instead of waiting on those big perfect blocks of space to appear, start making use of smaller patches of time throughout the day. I call these smaller patches Progress Pockets. You can get more done in 10-15 minute increments than you think. When you have a prepared lists of Power Tasks that are broken down into tasks that can easily be used in those smaller pockets of time, you’re unstoppable. Smaller accomplishments add up to increased productivity overall. You just have to train your perspective to recognize when a Progress Pocket appears because we are conditioned to brush off smaller increments of time as “not worth it.”

Getting more done in less time really starts from having a disciplined perspective. Anybody can give you tips and tricks but it’s your desire and dedication that will make the difference. You make time for what is important to you. You fill your time with what you enjoy. If you have time to be on social media, watch your favorite shows, and listen to the radio, you have time you could be using to advance your vision. Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, choose to use yours like a boss!

Ashley is a Brand Writer + Strategist running Sacred Rebel, her own development studio for female creative visionaries. You can learn more about her and Sacred Rebel, by exploring, or follower her on Instagram @sacredrebel


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