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The Making of an Ace: Part Two with Carina Glover

20160406_100229Read below for part two of our interview with Carina Glover, owner of Chiffon Events and Founder of the Aces Tour! Here’s part one!

Empire Life: Back tracking to a previous question, we know plenty of Empirelistas who still live in their hometown but have big dreams of moving to a big city like New York or Atlanta. However, we should all be reminded that you can still do what you set out for yourself where you are right now.

Carina Glover: There may actually be a lot of people that need you in that area. Just because the market isn’t there doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone who needs specifically what you offer and the way that you offer it.

EL: For those women who are event planners themselves, what can they do to set themselves apart? We see a lot where people may carbon copy other events that they see while at the same time, clients want their event to be one of a kind. How are you able to produce original events?

CG: My main thing is to always ask the client going into it: how do you determine a successful event? Rather it be a baby shower, a product launch, a grand opening… social, corporate or anything else, always ask them that question. Then, close your eyes and see yourself in an empty room with your client. Tell them to fill up that room in their mind and tell you what they see. Have them tell you what makes them smile when they imagine their event, their grand opening, their birthday. I feel like when you close your eyes and imagine it, you’ll see exactly what you want. I take all of that and plan it.

EL: One of your biggest events that you have coming up is the Aces Tour. Give us a little background about it, why did you see the importance of creating a tour like this?

CG: *laughs* I always laugh when I get that question. The Aces Tour came from a place where I felt defeated; it came from a place where I felt like I was failing. While I have business and I might be doing well in Omaha, my overall goal for my business is to exclusively work with high-profile clientele within the entertainment industry. You know, planning events for the J. Los, the Justin Timberlakes, the Beyonces one day; that’s who I want to work with exclusively. Being in Omaha, Nebraska, there really aren’t any people who are viewed as high-profile. I was at a place where I was comparing my progress to my hard work. My hard work is on overflow on a daily basis, however, I was feeling like you’re still in Omaha, you haven’t planned an event for a high-profile person yet. You’re just working your butt off, you’re getting exhausted and overwhelmed. You’re drained, but you’re still not even halfway there to what your actual goal is. I was really beating myself up about it and was feeling really discouraged. Previously, the idea has came to me to do Aces Tour; when I first thought of it I was like oh yeah, I can do an event for women similar to me that are trying to dominate and do exceedingly well in a very competitive industry but I knew that that was going to be a lot of work. The idea was kind of gone as soon as it came to me, that’s when I had the moment of feeling really discouraged. I hopped on Instagram and the first thing I saw as a video of Steve Harvey.

He was talking about the paths that we’re supposed to walk and understanding that if God gave you a vision, you have to trust that He’s going to give you what you need to execute it.

I had always had dreams and I could see working with some of the world’s biggest and most influential celebrities and planning events for them. I had also previously had dreams about the Aces Tour and so in that moment when I was feeling overwhelmed and really drained, I seen that video. I thought wow, you’re so caught up in where you are. You don’t see that this is just a moment and that what is ahead of you is beyond this moment. I was reminded about the Aces Tour that I had put off I was like okay, you have to do this.

In that moment, I had to think that I am the reflection of the woman I’m planning this event for. I am the woman who is destined to be great and kill it in the industry; a woman who is an influencer and is going to be a powerhouse.

I wanted to plan an event to encourage that type of woman and say hey, you might be just two months away from your big move in your life. Maybe even six weeks or six days, maybe six years, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t an Ace. That doesn’t mean you aren’t destined to win. That’s where the idea came from; it came from my own feeling of being defeated. That Steve Harvey video really put me back in check and reminded me that my dreams are bigger than me and I was given these visions and this passion for a reason so I need to help other women also. Sorry, that was long. *laughs*
EL: Don’t apologize. It’s important to verbalize where you get your ideas from. With that being said, tell us what is an Ace? How do you define what an Ace is?

CG: An Ace is one of the most confident, passionate, fierce women that you will ever meet in your lifetime. She is one of those women where you just know she is going to be great. She’s respectful and humble but yet she still demands your attention because everyone wants to know what she’s doing, what she’s about do, what’s next for her because you know that she’s just that woman. I think for her; her mindset is different. She’s not worried about what everyone else is worried about. She’s here, she knows her purpose, she knows the plan she has set out for her life.

The decisions she makes on a daily basis are all aligned with the life she wants to live, the brand she wants to have and the empire she wants to build.

She’s different, she’s rare and she knows it. She’s here to dominate; she knows her worth and she knows what she brings to the table. Most importantly, she knows that this is her season.

EL: We love that definition. Tell us where you envision yourself in five years. What do you have planned for the future?

CG: The next five years is going to be a whole new life. My definition for success is freedom. I see myself being free within and outside my business. I see myself having the freedom to work with whoever I want to work with and where I’ve worked so hard to position my brand as exclusive. I want there to be in a sense, a waiting list. I want them to say for instance, I already know I want Chiffon Events to  plan my 35th birthday party next year because I know how busy Carina is and I know who she works with so I need to be on the waiting list just be sure she can take me on as a client next July. I see myself working with the most elite of clientele, the A List. Justin Timberlake is one of my dream clients. I see me based in Los Angeles but having a New York City office. To be honest, Chiffon Events is just the start. I want to have my own empire. I would love to own a private jet company where I could have my elite clientele renting out private jets. I also always wanted to have my own fragrance line sold in high-end department stores. I feel like right now, I’m just planting the seeds and five years from now, they will have all sprouted up into a beautiful garden. I’m putting in the work now so I can have the freedom I desire then. I see myself look back and thinking, thank God I didn’t give up.

EL: We love that you have such a clear and distinct vision for yourself, that’s definitely empowering. We always close out our Empire Insight interviews with this last question. What is one piece of advice you have for young women on the journey to build their own empires?

CG: That’s a good question. If you feel like you’ve been that vision from God, have faith in that. Don’t get lost in the wait; success takes time. It’s a process, the process will strengthen you.

You may have your moments where you get weak but in those moments where you get weak and impatient and it gets harder… don’t let that break you because it’s those moments you remember when you’re in a room full of women telling them about your journey and those women are aspiring to be where you are.

Those are the moments you’re going to talk about the most. Don’t let those moments break you, you’re going to have that moment no matter who you want to be or what you want to do. It’s an uphill battle and you’re going to have those moments in your journey. Don’t let it break you; look forward to overcoming it. Anticipate it and be excited about how you’re going to overcome that moment.

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