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The Importance of Knowing Which Skills to Monetize

Most creative visionary people are highly skilled at more than one thing. You technically have the ability to monetize any one of those skills and generate a flow of income. But, that can be a blessing and curse. Many creatives fall into the trap of trying to be a jack of all trades when it comes to what they offer; they don’t want to pick one as a niche.

So, what’s the usual reasoning behind a creative entrepreneurs hesitation to niche their natural specialty? Fear of missing out on money, opportunities or interest. It really stems from most of us being brought up in an education system that was literally built on raising us to be good enough at everything, but not masters of any one thing. We had to have mass appeal so that getting picked by a college & an employer was a sure thing.

Narrowing in too much to one thing was too risky because what if no one picked you? But, in the creative marketplace you pretty much NEED a niche to stand out and grow something sustainable. This is when knowing which one of your skills to monetize comes into play. Having trouble knowing which one is the one to focus in on and nurture? Try answer the following three questions as fast as possible. Trust your instinctual answer.

  1. Which one of your skills is borderline effortless for you?

  2. What do your people already know to go to you for?

  3. If you were in a city where money didn’t exist and you could decide what your role within the community would be, what would you do or provide?

The one skill, product or service that repeatedly popped up first, is usually the one that you were created to do. You don’t have time to be distracted by developing parts of your business or doing work that doesn’t nurture it. The benefit of focusing in on which skill to monetize is that financially it’s almost guaranteed to see an increase in income because people know what to come to for and you truly have become the master of it.

Ashley is a Brand Writer + Strategist running Sacred Rebel, her own development studio for female creative visionaries. You can learn more about her and Sacred Rebel, by exploring, or follower her on Instagram @sacredrebel

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