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The Domino Effect: We Could Learn a Thing or Two from Beyoncé’s Marketing Team

This past weekend was summed up in one word: BEYONCÉ. Forget the Super Bowl. Allow me to break it down.

1.) Our mouths were open in awe when she dropped her single and video for Formation in classic Queen B fashion, straight out of nowhere. I could stan about the obvious and amazing NOLA influence all up and through the song and video but I’ll save that for another day. The song itself was wonderful and very necessary in today’s cultural and racial climate. Beyoncé cited us to take pride in our roots, our beautiful features and SLAY all together. Thanks Bey, we need reminders like that every now and then. The video was the cherry on top.

2.) We squealed in joy when she performed her new single as her segment during the Super Bowl half time. Before this weekend, we just knew that she’d only be popping in for the song she shares with Coldplay but oh no, she couldn’t just do us like that. She strutted out on that field with her army of backup dancers suited and booted looking like Huey Newton’s granddaughters to reinforce Formation’s Pro-Black messaging. Epic.

3.) Screams all around when Beyoncé announced her upcoming WORLD TOUR this summer within seconds of her performance. Seconds.

Did you catch all that?! Marketing gold! Genius! Not to mention she restructured her entire management team last week. Check the domino effect technique below.

Move in silence.

Beyoncé didn’t post on social media for weeks before the explosion she created Saturday. No one had a clue what she was up to. Take your cue from her here, every single thing you do doesn’t need to be broadcasted. Yes, the society we live in today makes it seem as though you’re only working when others are able to see but you could be directing your energy elsewhere and where it’s needed more. Let them wait for the boom, explosions are even more impactful when no one is able to brace for it.

Keep them yearning for more.

After the single dropped, people everywhere were wondering what Beyoncé was going to do next. Her execution was seamless. She made sure to drop right before her huge performance on TV’s most viewed program. When you create quality content and product, people will be checking for you! Take the next cue from her here, the more great things you create, the more people will want to buy into your brand. They love the hype surrounding it, they love the feeling they get from being apart of something. You just have to make sure you keep bringing it bigger and better each time.

Supply and demand.

Directly after her performance, her tour was announced along with dates and cities. This is KEY *DJ Khaled voice*. Beyoncé knew she had all eyes on her and she took full advantage of it. This means one thing: when the spotlight is on you, you better deliver! Have your content and products ready to go because you don’t want to lose out on opportunities. After that big event or twitter chat, have your links and promo graphics set. Have your next move calculated so when it’s go time, all you have to do is push go. You know how the saying goes ladies; stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

You got it? Good. Now go on and slay.



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