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IAMQUEEN Presents The Inaugural “The Breaking Conference”

On Saturday, March 19, 2016, IAMQUEEN will host the inaugural “The Breaking Conference” at Little Black Pearl in Hyde Park.

IAMQUEEN offers an array of unique social experiences that connect women from diverse backgrounds and various walks of life. IAMQUEEN is a community of well‐rounded, ambitious and forward‐thinking women dedicated to creating change in society while accomplishing their goals. Through IAMQUEEN events, the organization brings awareness to relevant issues that prevent women from working together and moving forward. Conference attendees can look forward to interview style presentations, networking opportunities, goodie bags, and more.

The purpose of  The Breaking Conference is to reconnect and reaffirm purpose amongst women by breaking barriers created from broken sisterhoods, broken relationships, broken health, broken hearts, and broken brands. Dr. Gaylena White, speaker, minister and administrator, will keynote the conference, accompanied by seven other presenters:


We were able to ask The Breaking Conference’s Founder, A’Darah, a few questions before the big day Saturday! Check out the quick chop up below:

EmpireLifeMag.Com:  What led you to create The Breaking Conference?
A’Darah Jackson: Going through certain transitions in life as a believer, you’re constantly going to God asking, “what can be fixed, what went wrong, is this a season?” All while I was asking to be fixed, I didn’t take much time to be broken. I wasn’t constantly putting myself in an open and broken space, so God could come in an start mending my heart and issues from ground up. I saw this in many of my peers. And I knew I wanted to be healed, and I knew they needed to be healed. I also knew none of us could do it alone. God chose me to bring his daughters together to heal through sisterhood. I’m simply being obedient.
EL: What will attendees be able to expect from the conference?
AJ: The ultimate goal is for my attendees is to become more aware, more accountable to each other and more responsible in their actions. We will be tackling these things through our speakers, different physical activities, networking and group prayer.
EL: What do you want attendees to leave with after the conference is over?
AJ: I want my attendees to leave with a new sister. I want them to leave with the confidence and courage to take everything that they’ve learned and apply it. I want them to be able to say, “I can do this too.” I want them to leave broken so God can fix whatever it is that they were holding onto in their heart when they got there. I want them to leave knowing they are valued and loved by the next woman. I want them to know that I care so much about their heart, that I’ve planned this conference for them.
EL: Do you plan on hosting more in the future?
AJ: Well cat’s out the bag, we are going on tour! Stay tuned for cities and dates.


We’re sorry to say registration is closed. If you were able to register in time, you’re in for a transforming experience!

For more information about “The Breaking Conference,” please visit
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