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Synergize Your Business Operations

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know there are many key factors involved in running a successful business. Although you may have the drive and determination to make your business successful, being unsure of exactly how to effectively manage your business operations can have detrimental results.

Today’s intuitive and advanced technology offers many options that can help your business run more smoothly. Here’s a look at five ways to work smarter and streamline your business operations.

1. The Cloud

When cloud computing first emerged, it was marketed as a great way to store photos and music, but nowadays cloud applications go far beyond that. For business, there are many applications that are Cloud-based, meaning that you don’t have to take up your hard drive space on your laptop, and you and your team can easily access documents and files from any location using your own laptop or mobile device.

Cloud technology makes it easy to view and edit files from home or while traveling for business. Remote team members can easily review projects together without having to first modify a document, email it to someone for review, and wait for it to be emailed back; therefore making cloud-based applications a must-have to drastically improve business operations by saving you both time and money.

2. Online Marketing

Today’s consumers are more likely to discover your business via the web, than by any other means. So it’s important to have a strong online presence.

Your competitors will likely strive to increase online visibility and snag a part of the market share. So to remain competitive, you can take advantage of several online marketing resources to attract more potential customers and clients.

Social media marketing is one main avenue, and search engine marketing (SEM) is another. Content marketing and email marketing are also extremely cost-effective ways to market your business and web analytics tools (i.e., Google Analytics) can help you discover how to improve your website so it’s more user-friendly and discoverable to consumers.

3. Website Monitoring

Tools that analyse website data, like Google Analytics, are useful for monitoring the health and impact of your business’ website. Google Analytics can provide you with information that can reveal insight into:

  1. Where prospective customers are coming from
  2. When they find you on the internet, and
  3. What content is relevant to them.

This information will help you determine how better to focus your marketing efforts so you can continue to improve your online visibility.

Web analytics tools can also disclose any issues you may have with your website such as broken links. All this data enables you to make your business’ website run more efficiently.

4. Virtual Communication Systems

Virtual communications systems, like virtual phone systems and conferencing options, are affordable cloud-based systems that help you communicate with customers and strategic partners. These systems cost much less than standard communication systems and require little to no equipment and maintenance. These systems also offer many more features and functions designed to improve daily business communications so you can be anywhere and stay in contact with your network.

5. Project Management Tools

From online meeting calendars like Calendly and Google Calendar to project and team management applications like Asana and Basecamp, there are many online productivity tools you can use to better manage time, collaborations and ideas. You can easily assign tasks, receive updates, send and review files, set alerts, and much more.

What efforts have you taken to streamline your business?

Dana is a Business Growth and Development Consultant and the Founder of Gray Capital Solutions. Through Gray Capital Solutions, Dana provides consulting, strategy and coaching to help small businesses grow. You can learn more by exploring or follow @graycapsolns.

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