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Cocktails, Collaboration and Celebration: Lauren Daniels of Sumptuous Spirits

Convenience is a luxury within itself. What happens when you pair convenience, luxury and curated cocktails? Enter Sumptuous Spirits.

The mobile bartending company was founded by Lauren Daniels, a corporate maverick who ventured into entrepreneurship after seeing a need for luxury servicing during her college years. “(During my time at my HBCU, Miles College),  I was always the go-to person that made the drinks at get-togethers with my friends and sorority sisters. When I came back home to Michigan, I started to notice that this is something that people need… a service that can still provide the quality cocktails that you get when you go to a club or a bar in the comfort of your home or private event space.”

In 2016, Daniels hit the ground running. Shortly after attending bartending school in Detroit and becoming licensed, she established Sumptuous Spirits, LLC. Created to bring an upscale experience to any event, since its start, Sumptuous Spirits has composed a professional staff of 10 bartenders and cocktail waiters all of whom have been trained, certified, and highly recommended by past clientele.

Based in Detroit, a city that is currently rebuilding into the second coming of a business mecca, a brand like Sumptuous Spirits thrives.

“We are pride ourselves on bringing a community of people together a through good cocktail. We do a lot of  collaboration with other entrepreneurs and local businesses. We love creating that experience where they can enjoy themselves and other people in the city through networking and more.”

Be informed, they are not your typical bartending service. Through curated and thoughtful event experiences such as corporate events, private celebrations, social mixers, family gatherings, and more, Sumptuous Spirits aims to provide their clients with the “Sumptuous Experience” which is a luxurious bartending experience where they cater to the occasion and the guests.

Through the services, Daniels strives to go the extra mile.

“It’s more than just a person behind the bar making drinks. We want to know what is your event, what is your crowd like,  what kind of custom cocktail we can create to complement the event,” she says. “It’s all about creating an atmosphere; when you have a great menu with crafted cocktails, that’s what your attendees remember.”

Sumptuous Spirits has been able to bring to life these experiences time and time again in Detroit, particularly through partnerships with other women-owned brands. “They work hard and go hard for not only their businesses but also supporting other businesses here in the city. The collaboration opportunities I’ve had are not only in the hospitality/food and beverage industry but also include fashion, public relations and more. It’s been amazing.”

Outside of her business, Daniels wears many hats as a wife, a corporate auditor and a current graduate school student. “Time management is key,” Daniels suggests. “It’s a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of long days. My advice is to try to find that balance. Make sure you’re not hard on yourself when it doesn’t always go the way you think it should and just take things day by day.”

Her hard-working days and nights will be celebrated Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the new Bamboo Detroit in the Julian C. Madison Building in Downtown Detroit at Sumptuous Spirits’ One Year Anniversary. “This event essentially is not only going to just be a celebration but aims to bringing people together from different industries and fields. This will be an opportunity to show the atmosphere that set at our events, to show the services that we provide so that people can see what we do and essentially want to use our services for their events as well.”

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