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Succeed At The Level You Are Truly Capable Of

While building a successful business, there are so many fears that you as an entrepreneur may face, the fear success or failure, the fear of making the wrong decision or not getting the feedback you hoped for or expected. Fighting your fears is not easy. However, having that lack of confidence while building your business will hinder your abilities. Our work is a direct reflection of our self-love and self-worth. Therefore, to succeed at the level you are truly capable of in business and life, we must match any fear or challenge that may come your way and raise the bar for yourself.

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How Can Your Business Benefit From Self-Confidence?

1. It Helps You Go The Extra Mile – If you have been running a business for any length of time, you know that real success requires perseverance. Perseverance to keep going even when it is simpler and easier to give up. You must hang in there and go above and beyond. It is that type of execution that separates the good from the great. Confidence lets you know your limits and motivates you to test them. By stretching your limits, you increase them.

2. It Helps You Do What Really Matters – There are so many expectations about what you can and can’t do that you place on yourself. And of course, you also have expectations of what everyone else expects of you. But, being truly successful comes when you engage in the things that actually matter to you. The only way to effectively do this is to develop boundaries.

3. It Helps You Make Better Connections – We all know that meeting new people and building relationships, especially in business, isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But, building great relationships is how the greatest of companies thrive. Self-confidence allows you to move past relational worries and not pull back. As long as you are respectful and polite, you will not worry so much about how you come across to others. This confidence will also give you the ability to connect naturally with other people and give them your best self.

4. It Helps You Feel Comfortable Saying “No.” – We have all said “Yes” to something that we did not want to do because it was easier than saying “No.” Usually, this happens when we want to make someone else happy, or because we think it is expected of us. However, your time is precious. So, it is important to make deliberate decisions about how you spend that time. Confident people have the ability to say “No” where appropriate by making decisions for their time based on their priorities and values rather than letting their insecurities lead them.

How Can You Improve Your Self-Confidence?

1. Forgive Yourself – Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. But, it is important that you can find a way to forgive yourself, learn from your mistake and move on. To become competent in life, you have to make a decision to master your emotions instead of being a slave to them. According to a Harvard Business Review on Emotional Agility:

“Effective leaders don’t buy into or try to suppress their inner experiences. Instead, they approach them in a mindful, values-driven, and productive way—developing what we call emotional agility. In our complex, fast-changing knowledge economy, this ability to manage one’s thoughts and feelings is essential to business success.”

2. Think Positive – A positive attitude is at the heart of optimistic and successful people. If you want to be successful, you must stop stressing and believe that your efforts and abilities will allow you to reach your goals. These thoughts can come from your personal faith, wisdom collected from your lifetime, self-development books/courses and mentorship from successful people in your life.

To get what you want, you cannot compare yourself to others but acknowledge your positive qualities, develop an active support network, do work and life activities that you love and keep pressing on. Live the life you are capable of and watch how your business success comes to fruition as a result.

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Dana is a Business Growth and Development Consultant and the Founder of Gray Capital Solutions. Through Gray Capital Solutions, Dana provides consulting, strategy and coaching to help small businesses grow. You can learn more by exploring or follow @graycapsolns.

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