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Stop setting goals. START EXECUTING THEM!

In February 2016, Forbes confirmed,

Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. They own 1.5 million businesses between them, up 322% since 1997. Their companies generate $44 billion a year.”

However, what happens to the group of black women who are not represented in  this statistic? They are probably jammed up and in a rut, trying to figure out how to execute the goal they set on January 1st before the next December 31st rolls around. Yikes! That is definitely not good. We should be helping our sisters to get a piece of the pie and be a part of the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S.

There are groups of black women, who have set goals and seldom execute them because they lack the ability to manage time and strategically plan a business.

Time management and knowing how to plan a strategy are what I find to be the two main links, as well as the biggest difference between goal setting and goal execution. Goal setting is effortless and merely requires you to write down your dreams, or place them on a vision board. However, goal execution can be a bit strenuous if you do not have a plan. A comprehensive plan of your time management system and daily actionable tasks can help you execute your goals.

Now, you may want to lean on in as I give you these 3 tips on how to go from goal setter to executioner. As Beyoncé would say, “Ok ladies now let’s get in Formation!”

List what you need to do to get your business off the ground

Well this part seems so tricky to most of us, we are supposed to simply focus on establishing a business. However, before you know it you are off in ‘lala’ land thinking of product launches, potential clients and more. And just like that you’ve jumped to far ahead. The best approach is to create a simple list. This list should be full of tasks such as draft bio, get professional pictures, create website, social media pages, secure LLC, design marketing collateral, lease store, etc.

This list is important so you have all the behind the scenes work done before you start selling your products or services. You want to be professional and on top of your game, when the time comes.

Block off time to do the work

The baby is crying! Hubby needs some of your time! Grandma has to go doctor! You promised a cousin that you’d attend their birthday party! You also promised to take the little one to soccer practice! The dog needs to be walked! Cats need to be fed! You’re am working 9-5! You’re so tired! Does this sound about right?

If any of these stand as the reasoning behind your inability to execute your goals, then let me tell you a little secret. Block off time to do the work! If you really want it, you will make the time. Purchase a planner, get a desk calendar from the dollar store or download a free calendar app on your phone. Yup, there are cost efficient ways for you to build your time management system.

Now choose the days and times when you will work on the list.

Block time after work, while the hubby is bonding with the children , or on the day when your children stay late at piano practice. How about asking your sister to babysit for 3 hours on Saturdays? The gist here is to pinpoint the best times to on the list for your new business.

Set deadlines

Deadlines are important, as the wing-it method typically ends up with minimal accomplishments. Setting deadlines can create boundaries and limitations that allow you to work at a steady pace to execute your goal. Deadlines are not general and solely for the launch of the business, they should be applied to each item on the list. Establishing a deadline for each item on the list ensures that tasks are completed in controllable segments, ties up the loose ends , and are the the ultimate aid to ensure that your goals are not just set, but executed!'
Sidjae Price is the CEO and Organizational Consultant of Priceless Planning. She helps busy entrepreneurs to plan and organize their businesses by plugging in systems, structures and strategy to get them focused, balance life and snatch results. She created Priceless Planning with a focus on designing business systems and life structures, which results in a plan of daily actionables, of what to do to stay focus on business, all while attending to matters of personal life. A standout feature of her services, allows clients to have at least a 30 day calendar plan for their business and life. For more business planning & organizing tips visit or follow @pricelessplanning

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    July 10, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Amazing blog… Keep it coming… I needed these words of Wisdom…

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