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Small Business Saturday: Corvet Williams

It’s Small Business Saturday, so I decided to get a little narcissistic. So this article is going to be about my business Chunky Jewelry Organizer.

I have been so honored to share my stories with Empire Life and if you have ever read any of my articles you have probably noticed my signature speaks to my knowledge of protecting your intellectual property. I’m an inventor and I also advise aspiring  inventors. So I want to tell you, the readers, more about myself.

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About 5 years ago, it’s was pretty clear that I had a problem jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, and big jewelry; it was EVERYWHERE. I looked and searched and asked around. “What are you doing with your big jewelry?” Everyone had the same responses, ‘It’s in a drawer,’ ‘It’s in bags,’ ‘Girl it’s tangled up.’ That was when I started searching around and couldn’t really find one reasonable solution to my problem. I went to Hobby Lobby, World Market, Target, TJ Maxx, and just started gathering organization pieces here and there. Keep in mind, none of these were one solid solution, just a small help for some, but not all, of my jewelry. I found I was able to organize my small pieces but the big necklaces, bracelets and rings were still free standing. Then it came to me, what if I had multiple hooks at different lengths on one central stand; I would be saved!

What can I say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” I had to make this product novel, so people couldn’t just go out and replicate it ( I have heard a few people say they can). Out of my necessity, I came up my idea of, what is now called the Chunky Jewelry Organizer.Small Business Saturday

Even though I came up with this idea, I didn’t know how to patent it. I saw commercials about if you have an idea to call them, but they wanted exuberant amounts of money, royalties and the process just seemed daunting. So I kept the idea but never really knew if a “regular” woman like me could really do it. When you put your thoughts into the universe, it’s amazing what comes back to you. I stumbled across the Chicago Inventors Organization conference, who I shamelessly plug for my success. For the first time found I could patent my product and make my dreams a reality. That chance opportunity was a pivotal moment in my career and has gotten me to where I am today.

Small Business Saturday


Let me make this clear, there is so much more I could share, but in short, the journey has not been smooth by any means. It has been exciting and a real rollercoaster. I have learned so much and gained a ton of experience and knowledge that now, I am able to put it all together and guide the next inventor to cut the time and stress in half on their journey. All along my journey I wished I had a mentor, someone to talk to that could share stories and experience from start to finish, and that’s how I became a consultant to new inventors.

I am basically a personal secretary, researcher, who will guide you through each step. Many of the question and issues I faced, my clients either never have to ask or are easily able to overcome. I do a 3-month program, which is usually all it takes to get you from idea to tangible product. It doesn’t matter if you need help patenting, trademarking or copyrighting, product development, prototyping, I am here to assist you in making your dream a reality. Believe me, you can do it on you own, but its much better to have help. That’s why I am here, if you or anyone you know needs help with a product, slogan, company, or tangible art, email me at to set up a consultation. I look forward to making you the next billionaire idea.

Inventor, Actress, writer, seamstress. I am a member of the Chicago Inventors Organization and I do consulting for new inventors. Live Life Fearless.

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