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When the Going Gets Tough, Empirelistas Push Through!

I was talking with a friend about his job and he mentioned how he kept a picture of his children on his desk to keep him motivated. He said every time someone made him mad at work and right before he wanted to tell them how he really felt, he would look at the picture of his children to remind him of why he was there. I thought to myself how we all need that “reason” of why we do what we do. But it has to be a good reason, one that stops you from jumping over the edge and stops you from quitting.

As I began my own business it seemed like one day everything was perfect and then the next day it was like a tornado came and tore down everything I built, leaving me in a constant state of building and rebuilding. It would get so bad that I would ask myself, “Am I doing the right thing?” or “Is this really what I want?” and “Did I make the right decision?” Ultimately, I always knew it was, but it got really tough. That’s when I adopted the mantra,

“Push Through, Push Through!”

We all have dreams, but what separates the dream catchers from the dreamers, is perseverance. You have to keep going, no matter what! There are going to many days where you feel like you just can’t take it, but believe me, if you are really passionate nothing will stop you. Being passionate does not make you immune to frustrations. There will be delays, mistakes, disagreements, legal issues, lack of sleep, less time for eating and headaches. Your passion is what gives you a reason to push through.

After talking with my friend, I came up with a system of my own. While his children motivate him, I adopted the “Push Through Board.” It’s similar to a vision board, because it’s a motivational tool. Along with goal setting, this board includes prayers, quotes, pictures and anything else that will remind you of why began your entrepreneurial journey and why you must push through.

You can easily make a digital version on your phone, tablet or computer. You’ll simply need to:

  1. Search for a few quotes that will continuously motivate you. Save or screenshot the quotes.
  2. Search for a few images or head on over to Facebook or Instagram to grab pictures of your loved ones. Save or screenshot the pictures.
  3. Compile your finding into a collage.

The digital version of your “Push Through Board” can go wherever you go. If you’d like to take it a step further, print it! Post if somewhere you’ll see it every day. If you have ever watched the TV show Being Mary Jane, you’ve seen Post-it notes on her bed headboard, windows, cabinets and mirrors! Don’t be ashamed, do what it takes, do what you must do to keep going.

Having like-minded people to build with can also be a tremendous help. You’ll have someone or a group to share ideas, frustrations, and breakthroughs with. Find a business mentor or create your own mastermind group. The important thing here is to enlist the help of others to help you on your entrepreneurial path.

As the entrepreneurs creed goes,

“Spend a few of years of your life living how others won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life living how others can’t.”

Empirelistas, you are not alone. From time-to-time every Entrepreneur feels lost or loses sight of the bigger picture. Take a deep breath and say “Push Through,” now carry on!

Inventor, Actress, writer, seamstress. I am a member of the Chicago Inventors Organization and I do consulting for new inventors. Live Life Fearless.

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