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#PrettyGirlsLikeMarketing: The Winning 2Chainz Formula

Since the mid 2000s, rapper 2 Chainz has made waves with not only his music, but his style and personality. In the last few years, he has established himself as a brand that goes far beyond music.

While 2 Chainz is no stranger to marketing success (the proceeds from his “Dabbing Santa” sweaters have reached nearly 2 million dollars for his charity the T.R.U. Foundation), the rollout of his album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music elevated 2 Chainz to marketing genius status.

Here the 3 elements to the flawless 2 Chainz marketing formula:


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Meet your audience where they are.

Marketing 101 tell us that it is extremely important to know your target audience. We use personas to determine which tactics will work for our audience. With Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz did just that. With events like his Pretty Girl Fit Fest and Trap Salon, 2 Chainz allowed his audience to experience his music while doing something they normally do like workout or pamper themselves. Marketing teams can take notes on how to incorporate your brand or product into your audience’s everyday lives in a non traditional way.


Staying true to your brand.

Many brands and businesses fail when trying new marketing tactics because they depart  from the heart of their brand. Successful marketing is where creativity and honesty meet. Audiences can detect immediately when a brand is not being true to themselves. During this campaign, 2 Chainz did not stray away from what makes him unique as an artist, yet he used it to his advantage while incorporating new things.


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Don’t be afraid to take creative risk. 

During his campaign, 2 Chainz opened a pink Trap House in Atlanta that has turned into a touring attraction for people from all over the world. Tourists from ages 15-55 have all visited the new Atlanta landmark. There has been some backlash due to the negative connotation that goes with the idea of a “trap house”, yet 2 Chainz turned something negative into an opportunity to help the community. One day the house served as a church, another day the house hosted a “Sip and Paint” event and most recently the house was used as a free clinic where visitors could get tested for HIV. While larger brands may hesitate to take such a large risk, if the risk aligns with your brand’s identity and the wants and needs of your audience, taking risks can ultimately be lucrative.

The days of traditional marketing are long gone. Today, one has to be able to capture your audience beyond a selling point. Fans want experiences and whether it is a tour, merchandise or a big pink Trap House, now is the perfect time to step outside the box and do something different.

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Guest Contributor: Ashleigh Dandridge

Ashleigh Dandridge is a public relations professional specializing in media relations and social media management. With a passion for research she values building partnerships with the media and her clients to help authentically tell their stories. Ashleigh has planned and managed public relations campaigns that resulted in a variety of media placements for her clients including The Source Magazine, FOX 2 Detroit, CBS, Xconomy, The Detroit News and more.

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