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From Possibility to Reality: Living the Creative Life

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Since we’re half way through the year, I think it’s time we talk about a few realities of living the creative life. What does it truly mean to like the creative life, like how does it look and are you truly about that life? I can’t speak for everyone, but I can share a my experience, realizations of what had to be done to get where I knew I should be in my creative life.

To begin, I should tell you that annually I write a ‘Dear Me’ letter. Crazy, I know! But it’s so therapeutic for me because I’m one of those who people who doesn’t talk or share much. Part of my letter to myself at the end of the first year I dipped my toes into the entrepreneurial waters went a little like this:

Dear Queen,

This year has definitely been full of it. Ups & downs, likes, reconsideration, questioning, struggle and more. This year my dear, you finally decided Law School isn’t “it,” and that’s okay. You’ve decided that artistry is what gives you freedom and peace of mind, and that’s okay. You’ve decided that you are ready, or as ready as you can be, to take a risk and embark on making your dream a reality; being independent, an entrepreneur, and creating an empire to leave a legacy and that’s terrifying, but that too is okay. It’s going to take innovation and determination to overcome some challenges and it may take imagination and creativity in those opportunities. And strength on those days you breakdown; because you will break down and cry, yell and scream, hey you did it just 2 weeks ago after all.

And it continues on and on. That was the end of 2014, during the first real challenge I had to overcome; listening to my

creative life

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heart. I had to become comfortable in the dream I had, the risks I decided to take and the reality to envision because I found value in a life I wanted for myself. I grabbed the opportunity in front of me and I’m now working on making things happen for me and my business on my own terms and in my own time.

Dwelling in the light of possibility, be it in personal or professional, is a beautiful thing. It allows you to embrace all the potential you possess and helps you to challenge your creativity. Taking action, pushes you closer to reality. It forces you to endure and embrace fear, rejection, disappointment, failure, doubt and much more. It fortifies the foundation of the reality you want to live. When you cross that line from possibility to the reality you want, the worth will be undefinable.

Every person has the possibility to dream. A dream develops a plan to execute, every plan must be sown in passion, sweat and at times tears. The fruit of a dream made possible is a reality worth living.

Be fearless!!! Continue to open up a world of possibility until you’re standing in the reality you want.

What’s holding your back?

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