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Planning a Venture? Let’s Get Started; Why Wait?

“If you never start, it will never happen! If you delay, then you will always be behind.” Bottom line, why wait?

Procrastination is always the easier option, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best. It’s so much easier to think about starting your business or venture than it is to actually put in the work to do so. There is no reward however, to “thinking” about doing anything. True satisfaction comes once you are able to sit back and witness the fulfillment or end result of your hard work and efforts. There is something extremely gratifying and rewarding about witnessing the proverbial “fruit of your labor” and thinking back to how that fruit started out as tiny little seeds that you single-handedly (or maybe collectively) watered and nurtured.

The best analogy that I can give, related to starting a business or taking ownership of something, is how similar the process is to giving birth to a child. Just as with pregnancy, there is a very prolonged process that you must prepare for when starting a business or venture. One step that I guarantee is not involved in the process is procrastination! Procrastination is a hindrance and though everything does happen in its due time, many times procrastination holds the “go-getter” back and delays what is already destined to succeed.

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Procrastination happens when a person begins to think about the potential obstacles, the inevitable hard work, and the possible rejection that comes along with the journey through entrepreneurship. Yes, these are all very likely barriers that any entrepreneur will face, but with a different perspective on these barriers the entrepreneur may find that what was perceived, as an obstacle can actually be more helpful to the journey.

What do I mean? The “obstacles” are a teaching method and training ground for future loopholes that could happen. The hard work is a strengthening mechanism to help the entrepreneur learn more about the industry, connect with people who can help throughout the journey, and it creates credibility as a skilled and knowledgeable expert in the field. Finally, if nothing else, the rejection (which really is inevitable) determines your commitment to your business. A person who is truly serious about their business will stop at nothing to see its potential. Constant rejection should serve as more motivation to continue the pursuit.

Finally, I’d like to provide helpful tips for putting procrastination to the side and getting started on road to entrepreneurship. More detailed information on building the brand of your dreams can be found in my book titled, Congratulations! It’s a Brand, available on

  1. Be realistic about the first steps: The initial vision for your business or venture usually consists of what you see at the very end of the journey. For example, if you aspire to open your own law firm, you will more than likely envisioning your corner office, court TV show, or high profile case that’s all over the media. That’s great and that could very well happen but for the purpose of getting started, be realistic about the beginning steps. Your beginning may include working out of your home, meeting clients at a coffee house, and handling very basic low profile cases. The reality is that everyone has to start somewhere. Always strive for the best, never compromise on that, but also be realistic about what your best is at the very beginning. Doing so eliminates a lot of unnecessary anxiety, cost, and most of all procrastination.
  2. Stop looking for the right time: What’s wrong with right now? There is no time like the present and waiting for the perfect finances, the perfect circumstances, the perfect training and education, will NEVER bring a start date. There will never be a time when all of the stars are aligned perfectly so the best advice is to just get started! Start where you can and grown as you can. The process if rewarding and in the end, you will appreciate the work that was put into building your business.
  3. Make a plan and GET STARTED! Do what you can right now. There is no time like the present. If all you can do today is think of a business name, then do that. If your plan is to obtain your business license this week and find a web designer, then do that. Check it off the list and look at it as a victory and a major step towards your goals. I can guarantee that once you get started, missing pieces to the entrepreneurship puzzle begin to fall into place, and they become connected much sooner than you ever thought that they would.

As I stated in the beginning, if you never start, it will never happen! If you delay, then you will always be behind. Let’s start this venture today! So, why wait?

Melva Robertson is founder and owner of The Write Media Group, LLC.
She is a 15 year experienced publicist, writer, and public relations professional, Robertson has extensive experience in corporate communications, mass media, entrepreneurship, writing and branding.

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