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Party Noire is NOT Your Average Day Party


The turn up no longer belongs to the night. According to millennials, we can have just as good (if not better) celebrations during the day. Follow me here. You wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning, grab some brunch with friends, enjoy libations, music and good vibes and make it home before the sun sets! If you ask me, that sounds like a pretty epic day.

I am a day party aficionado; I love everything about them, especially the fact that I get to enjoy the best of both worlds (the turn up with friends and the turn down with my bed). My Eventbrite and Facebook event invites overflow with the city’s day festivities. One day party I kept seeing across my social media feeds was PartyNoire.

Photography by Reginald Eldridge Jr.

Photography by Reginald Eldridge Jr.

PartyNoire is the brainchild of Black Girl In Om‘s Lauren Ash, DJ Rae Chardonnay Taylor and Black Girl Fly Magazine‘s Nickecia Alder.

Party Noire is an intentional celebration of Black joy, Black women, creative individuals and freedom of self-expression. 

Born out of a simple need, Party Noire is a place to enjoy and the space to be.

“I’d say that Party Noire was created out of necessity. There was no space for young Black people to gather in a meaningful way … we wanted to create a space intentional for celebrating each other,” – Rae Chardonnay

When I walked into Hyde Park’s The Promontory, I thought it was going to the standard day party… I was so wrong.

Don’t take this out of context, the three ladies of Party Noire used the original day party formula but they added their own elements and created #BlackGirlMagic. I played the role of a fly on the wall. With my Red Bull in hand, I witnessed something I’ve never seen before in this kind of setting… unapologetic fun. 

At your normal day party, people still have fun no doubt but something always overshadows it all. No one want to be judged. So we’ll hide behind our Snapchat filters, do our dabs but never truly exhibit our uninhibited selves to the fullest.

That is most certainly not the case at PartyNoire. This party is a #NoJudgementZone.

It was a celebration of creativity, freedom, Blackness and love all over a flawless (and I do mean flawless) soundtrack.

Party Noire

Photography by Reginald Eldridge Jr.

The level of effortlessly fly was at an all-time high, so much that I felt underdressed! Multicolored tresses, poppin’ curls, nose rings and striking fashion statements everywhere. Drinks were flowing, the sun was glowing and the energy was extremely positive and free.

 “We quickly realized we needed a space to do what we wanted to do, which was dance.” – Nickecia Alder

You heard her. Just dance.

For more information about Party Noire and for ticket information each month, visit

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