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National Reading Awareness Month: 5 Books Every Empirelista Must Read

We’re all familiar with the old adage “reading is fundamental” and there is a great amount of power in that phrase. Reading can provide you with a wealth of knowledge on endless subjects. The act of reading is not only beneficial from an information gathering standpoint, but it makes for an effective networking tool as well. It’s a great way to extend a conversation or to join one! If you are chatting with someone at a networking event and they mention books like Good to Great, 5th Discipline, Strengths Based Leadership or Lead By Greatness, it enhances your brand when you can join in on those conversations and discuss your perspective. I know that everyone isn’t an avid reader but it is great hobby to develop. Start by setting attainable goals for yourself such as “read one chapter per week” or “read five pages every night” and you’ll find that reading won’t become such a chore. Another tip to help you read more is to try the free app Audible by Amazon. You’ll have the option to listen to books as you clean your home or on the go! In celebration of National Reading Awareness Month, here are five books every Empirelista needs!

Year of Yes

National Reading Awareness Month

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Recently released by Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes chronicles her experience of committing to saying yes to new experiences, no matter how afraid she was. As you follow her along her journey, you’ll find nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your personal and professional life. Shonda shows just how facing her fears head on led her to having a more fulfilled life.

Never Eat Alone

National Reading Awareness Month

Photo credit Keith Ferrazzi

This book is one that changed my perspective on networking and in my opinion, this book is one of the best networking books on the market! The author, Keith Ferrazzi, shows readers how to connect with literally anyone. More importantly, he shows how to authentically cultivate relationships and grow your brand as a connector. He proves that whether you’re a career woman or entrepreneur, networking is equally vital. Add this book to your shelf and revisit it at least once a year.

Talk Like Ted

National Reading Awareness Month

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Who knew you could learn how to become an effective public speaker from a book? No matter your career path, being able to eloquently speak in front of a crowd is a necessity. In this book, the author dissects the most popular Ted Talks and gives you real strategies that you can implement in your formal presentations to get your point across. This book took my public speaking from good to great. Here’s a bonus: check out the book “How to Create Ted Worthy Slides”.

Manage Your Day to Day

National Reading Awareness Month

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I’m a fan of all of the books written by 99u, but this one is favorite. This book is filled with countless strategies for effective time management and prioritization. My favorite thing about the style of 99u books are that they are written to suit many different perspectives. Each chapter is written by a different influencer. The chapters are grouped into subjects and at the end of each subject, there is a recap page that captures the main ideas. The books also consist of few interview transcripts with entrepreneurs and executives to capture their thoughts on the topic as well. As a busy Empirelista, learning to master your day is crucial to success!

Stiletto Network

National Reading Awareness Month

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Creating your own support group, or as I call them, mastermind groups are extremely meaningful once you start to embark on large goals. The author of this book explores the power circles women have created across the country and examines how they catapulted success of its members. As you climb the corporate ladder or grow in your business, you’ll find that sometimes your friends and family may not understand. That’s where your Stiletto Network comes in handy. Why not start your own support group and read the Stiletto Network together?

What books are you currently reading Empirelistas? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter @EmpireLifeMag!

Kyshira Moffett, MBA is a millennial career and personal brand consultant. She is also the creator of, a careers, branding and lifestyle blog. She hosts a monthly Twitter chat, #HERmovement which features special guest experts on a variety of topics. Learn more by following her on Twitter, @Kyshira.

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