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Primetime Excellence: 3 TV Shows Magnifying #MelaninMagic!

Every week millions of Americans flip across a plethora of channels, just to see the latest episode of their favorite shows. Now imagine, there was actually a time when people who look like us, rarely saw us depicted on television without handcuffs. pimp hats or a shuck’ or jive.’ Even then, woman of color were rarely seen on prominent television shows, especially during prime-time. My how times have changed! Slowly but surely through pioneers like Sanford and Son, The Flip Wilson Show, jumping ahead to A Different World, Martin, Living Single, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; we have been fortunate to see ourselves in a variety of roles that exuded nothing short of black excellence. And the great thing is that this hasn’t changed, in fact, it’s improved – and here are three amazing shows where we can witness #MelaninMagic to prove it!


Airs Wednesdays, on ABC at 9:30e|8:30c

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If you want a glimpse at what an upper-class, modern day African American family looks like, then here it is! With a star studded cast, including: Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Laurence Fishburne and everyone’s favorite imaginary aunt, Jenifer Lewis, this Black-ish family tackles the touchy topics while tickling your soul.

This award winning show is brilliantly set in todays’ world and addresses today’s concerns, while acknowledging the fact that they moved-on-up like the Jefferson’s, with a father who is an Ad Agency Executive and a mom as a successful Anesthesiologist. The kids on the show are adorable, smart and witty, just as the grandparents are. As I said, this show is filled with so much #MelaninMagic, that it’ll literally make you blush. Tune in this Wednesday and thank me on Twitter when you finish!


Airs Wednesdays, on USA Network at 10e|9c

Seeing an African American female dominating on television is no longer rare. But seeing one who takes bulls by the horn, with intelligence, wit, and without the sexually charged scenes, regardless of have much Americans loves them. On the show Suits, they know her as Jessica Pearson, Esq., but to the rest of the world calls her Gina Torres. The show Suits is based on a top law-firm in New York, where the hyper intelligent lawyers beat their cases with class and ruthlessness. Though, there are many great characters on the show Jessica Pearson, Esq. is the real Queen bee – spewing #MelaninMagic with every sashay of the hip, shante!


airs Sundays, on ABC at 10e|9c


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Quantico is known for being the head quarters and training camp for the nations elite security group — the FBI. Staged to give you an in-depth look at what the experience is like, you meet the beautiful Alex Parrish, played by former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra.

Alex is a young vibrant woman of Indian decent, but she reports into one phenomenal black woman by the name of Miranda Shaw, played by Aunjanue Ellis. You may remember Ellis for her role in The Help, Ray and the BET mini-series, Book of Negroes. Both of these women grace the screen with impeccable acting chops, as Parrish goes from an highly regarded FBI Agent to a terrorist, claiming to be framed for bombings in New York. Shaw takes her job very seriously and knows her recruits, which is why she truly believes Parrish is innocent and works with her to prove it. This nail bitting drama leaves you proud to be a woman and raising an eyebrow every time they get closer to finding the true culprit. Don’t miss this bombshell and don’t you dare blink!

Okay, so the title says three shows, but I’d be remised if I didn’t add just one more!

Airs Saturdays, on Starz 9e|8c

Creatively based on the life of Lebron James, Survivors Remorse stands to be one of the funniest shows on cable television. With familiar faces like Tachina Arnold, Mike Epps and RonReaco Lee, you know the show is laced with stellar acting skills. But when you add in the Teyonah Parris, Erica Ash and the star of the show, Jessie Usher (as Cam Calloway), you can only imagine the on-screen chemistry.

This show celebrates the launch to stardom of Calloway, as he lands an NBA contract. Bringing the entire family with him to Atlanta, Calloway, goes through many ups and downs as he battles Survivors Remorse. Delivered through comical lines and multiple scenarios, you go on the trip with Cam Calloway, like you are apart of the family. So buckle up, turn on the show, and enjoy the ride!

Well, Empirelista, there you have it — some of the greatest show on TV that have all of us on the edge of our seats, laughing until we cry, and ready to take on the world. So let’s get in formation to support the series that we love, the actors we grew up with and to welcome the ones who are growing on us, because if it’s one thing that we know, ratings matter. And yes, Empirelista’s, your TV is truly dripping with excellence that would appreciate a little bit of your time, especially for the shows covered in #MelaninMagic!
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