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Major Social Media Brand Keys from DJ Khaled

If you follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat like I do, then you’re very familiar with some of his staple phrases like “Major Key Alert”, “Bless Up” “Come walk with me on the path to more success”, and “they don’t want you to win.” Quickly becoming a household name, you can’t help but admit that he’s done a stellar job at branding himself over the years. Outside of his music, it’s been his consistent use of Snapchat that has allowed him to receive the last Roc-a-fella chain from Jay Z and get in formation with Beyonce on her worldwide “Formation” tour this year!

Let’s walk with DJ Khaled on the path to more branding success and bless up our social media branding skills with three major keys.

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This may be my own personal opinion, but DJ Khaled is very corny. Whether he’s snap chatting the same breakfast every morning, watering his flowers, or talking to us through a series of multiple 10 second snaps during his routine elliptical exercise sessions; most of what he shares with us is a bit corny.

Call it what you want, but I truly believe that what you see is what you get when it comes to him. Authenticity is what you can expect to experience everytime you watch his Snapchat stories. Your thoughts quickly transition from “why am I still watching this?” to “This guy is so entertaining and hilarious!”

By staying true to himself, we have no other choice but to love him for what he offers, in the way he offers it. He gives viewers and fans the option to either accept him or ignore him, but his authenticity is magnetic and keeps you wondering what major key alert he plans to share next. Don’t play yourself by trying to be someone else.

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DJ Khaled is notorious for showing “fan luv”. Wherever he goes, when he comes across nearly anyone who recognizes him on the streets or at a show, he always Snapchats his fans. He shows his appreciation for those who support him and reciprocates the love by giving them the opportunity to shine on his Snapchat story. There are two major keys you can take from “fan luv.”

First, support others. Why? Because no one truly wants to support a brand that doesn’t support others. It’s an arrogant brand personality trait, and arrogance is unattractive. When you show love to others, you appear to be human and likeable. Those whom you support will often reciprocate your positive energy, recommend you to others, and help control the conversations people have about you when you’re not in the room.

The second major key is to share testimonies. When clients become fans of your work or services, ask them to write a brief testimony of their experience with you and share it with your followers on your website and social media. People are more likely to become your next customer when they see that you’ve had success with others.

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If you make it through an entire DJ Khaled Snapchat story, you’re bound to see some of your favorite celebrities appear throughout his snaps. From Jay Z and Puff Daddy to Jimmy Kimmel and Kim Kardashian, DJ Khaled is well-connected and well-respected.

At first, I would wonder, “why do they even hang out with this guy”, but then I quickly began to understand that DJ Khaled isn’t just “any old Joe Schmoe”. He’s a musical genius and someone worth knowing. His network opens up opportunities for new partnerships, endorsements, and fans and furthermore confirms his credibility as a great DJ, record producer, and businessman.

A strong community of influencers, allows you to tap into them at anytime to explore valuable collaborations on events, products, blogging, and more. Doors will fly open when you connect with the right people. Don’t ignore those who have a popular appeal within your network. It may be time to implement your influencer program this year. Not everyone will want you all to win, but together, you can win more.

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Guest Contributor: Brittany Applegate

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    Ronald Platt

    April 21, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Great read, I love the work you ladies are doing!


    Ken Gwira

    April 30, 2016 at 10:09 pm

    I met Isoke in person today and got great advice for my blog.

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