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31 days. 31 Women. 31 Profiles of Success: Lucy Prosper of It’s My Birthday, Inc.

It’s My Birthday is an organization dedicated to celebrating the birthdays of underprivileged children while teaching them life skills and empowering them to make a difference in the world, regardless of their circumstances. The wonderful women behind It’s My Birthday are Lucy and Liz. I had the opportunity to ask Lucy a few question as apart of our National Women’s Small Business Month.

Lucy Prosper

Sacred Rebel: You created an entire movement around the idea that every child deserves to be celebrated on their birthday, what inspired your passion for that?

Lucy Prosper: I was inspired after meeting a young boy fighting through cancer and had to spend his birthday in a hospital bed and his only wish was to have a birthday party, I immediately learned that many sick and underprivileged kids miss out on the childhood experience of feeling special on their big day. For Liz, the inspiration came from celebrating the birthday of her daughter every year and realized that not many parents get to do that. Liz and Lucy was compelled to start It’s My Birthday after realizing how important birthdays were.

SR: There a many socially conscious entrepreneurs out there looking for guidance on where to even start. How did you take the idea that you had and transform it into a business organization?

LP: Google has everything you need to know, the information is out there, you just have to search for it. We looked to see what other organizations were doing that were similar on a national level and a local level, and we quickly learned that there was a need in our community. We also realized that we wanted to work with organizations in our community that served children in need, so we quickly reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ronald McDonald House, and Holtz Hospital to see if we could partner with them.

SR: What advice would you like to offer to women on their journey to build their empires?

LP: For me, the greatest advice that was offered in the beginning of this journey was “don’t be afraid to stand on your mountain of NO’s for your 1 Yes”. There will be some people who will not understand your vision and will not support you, but that’s ok and that doesn’t mean you should stop making progress. For Liz, the greatest advice is to “just start”. We have so many ideas and thoughts and sometimes we get overwhelmed with them and nothing gets done. The best thing to do is just start.

SR: What’s next for you and your business?

LP: Most importantly we are focusing on sustainability so that we can expand and open up several It’s My Birthday Chapters in different cities and states. It’s My Birthday will celebrate the birthdays of 10 deserving kids in the month of October.

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