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Locations to Execute Your Business Goals

In business, there’s absolutely no limitations of where you can sell products, present to prospects, and brainstorm. In any case, location is an essential part of a successful business and peace of mind. Time spent in developing your business or simply jotting down personal organizational ideas is apart of the foundation you can build upon in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Goal setting is the first building block to your Empire. Empirelista, here are six great locations to execute your business goals.

1. Library

The great thing the library is a hub for knowledge for a woman on a mission. Think about all the educational tools and resources offered to you with absolutely no charge to you. Your only payment is the time invested in sitting down in a naturally quiet section of the library, selecting your books and starting the goal setting/learning process.

2. Coffee Shop

Would you describe yourself as one who lives for the smell of fresh coffee and light tunes that move you? Well, the coffee shop might be the best place for you to start goal setting. The awesome part about coffee shops is that, some are open after “corporate” hours. Sometimes as working women with 9-5’s we can make excuses about lack of time, placement or peace of mind to work on the other very important things in our life. The coffee shop is a great place to unwind, get energized and suited to plan your goals. It is also a convenient environment to execute group goal setting with business partners, accountability partners, friends etc.

3. Empty Lecture Hall/Classroom

If you’re still in college, pursuing a masters degree or have access to your alma mater, take advantage of the empty classrooms at your university. We do advise you to ask permission if possible, but if it’s quiet and there’s opportunity, go for it! If you’re in a large lecture hall, imagine a room full of interested buyers or investors listening to you talk about your business. It may seem a little unusual but visualizing people that support and care about what you have to offer maybe the motivation you need to get started on your big idea.

4. Outdoors/Park

For some Empirelistas,the serenity of birds chirping and fresh air can make for exceptional work environment. The idea of sitting outside on a park bench, settling in the grass picnic style with your laptop may sound unusual, but for many entrepreneurs it’s quite normal. There are endless benefits to goal setting with this type of scenery. One major benefit would be fresh air. There’s nothing better than a beautiful, sunny day and the open space that creates freedom to think clearly.

5. Hotels

Need a productive vacation? Take a weekend getaway with your comfiest pajamas and get started on those goals. Hotels have the perfect ambiance and privacy that one would need to successfully execute a business game plan. With networking opportunities, presentations and venue touring, hotels are very convenient. Lastly, some hotels offer amazing amenities. There’s nothing better than organizing, strategizing and acting upon your dreams and dipping into a private jacuzzi.

6. Home Sweet Home

If all else fails, take the time to organize your personal space to build your empire. Sometimes your home is the priority in your entrepreneurial endeavors. As an Empirelista, working from home brings in a sense of familiarity to those who may loose sight of the importance of their goals. There’s nothing wrong with a little positive in-house reinforcement.

No matter where you decide to start your goal setting in personal matters, business affairs or simply finding peace, be sure that your location is suitable to you. The important thing is to find an Empirelista friendly location to execute your business goals.

According to Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia University Professor,

“Deciding in advance when and where you will take specific actions to reach your goal can double or triple your chances for success.”

TX Licensed Real Estate Agent and Founder of Nigerian based non profit, Echoes of a Kora; The African Elementary School Project. She is also the owner of @iamhermovement.

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