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Learning to use the healthiest word in the dictionary: No

Our community throws around the word busy, as if it were a direct correlation to their level of success. We wear #TeamNoSleep and #TeamTwoJobs like a boy scout would a merit badge. Some of us have become enslaved to accolades and the stunter’s mentality. There’s also a lot of us who are really busting our asses to build empires and make a name for ourselves in our own regard. Regardless of the implications though, in pursuit of success, we are collectively abusing the word yes without acknowledgment of the potential repercussion of our personal health.

Many of us are stretched thin and forced to be everything for everybody, while failing to be that for ourselves. They say the hustle is sold separately, and while the boss mentality is admirable, someone needs to remind us that we are our own most important ongoing project. Bouncing from job, to gig, to networking event, to balancing freelancing, to family gatherings, to cocktails with your ­­girls, to only seeing your home between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m… something has got to give.

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No is quite possibly the healthiest word in the dictionary and needs to be worked into everyone’s daily vocabulary.

No can be used as a full sentence and does not require further explanation or background information.

No can also be used as frequently as you desire and in a plethora of scenarios. Saying no is the idea of understanding that this one thing could wear you down like a Thanksgiving feast on a Styrofoam plate.

It’s knowing that no matter how rigorous my goals are, I can’t get there if I wear myself out before then. It’s realizing that self-care is thee priority and should not have to be made a priority.  Saying no is placing yourself before any man-made obligation or authority.

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Say no to others and yes to self. Say yes to that paid time off, yes to that vacation you never thought you’d have enough time to slow down to take, and say yes to everything that you’ve always wanted to do for you, but constantly had to work around your responsibilities.

Constantly take time to breathe, take-in and live in the moment. Often we are so focused on getting to the next step, that we forget to celebrate and become present in the now.

Future fantasizers, those who are constantly planning the next step, but fail to take a step back. We are continuously piling more on our plates, than we can even fit in our mouths to chew. So reward yourself for all that you’ve accomplished, by learning how to use the healthiest word in the dictionary. No.

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GuesIMG_1059 (1)t Contributor: Brittany Wright

Brittany Wright is a public relations practitioner, public speaker, blogger and force behind B Bad PR. Brittany seeks to be a voice that guides the brown girl as she navigates the various complexities of her world and existence.


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