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Last Minute Gifts for Mom

It seems as though the older I get, the busier life becomes! When certain holidays come around, especially Mother’s Day, I really like to make it special, but I constantly run into the problem of thinking I have more time than I actually do. So I have to race against the clock when it comes to buying gifts for mom. Don’t worry this is something I’m working to improve on next year! After all, a true Empirelista is always evolving.

Let’s set the record straight, do not head to your local convenience store for a greetings and gift card for the woman who gave you life. “Thanks for those 9 months where your body was my vessel mom, here’s a gift card.” See, it’s just wrong! This year let’s make it special and truly put some thought into the gifts for mom, and yes I know Mother’s Day is just a few days away. Again, we’ll do better next year!

Gifts for mom: Picture my heart collage

Gifts for mom

Photo credit: Pinterest


  • Photos of you and mom
  • Picture frame
  • Spray paint
  • Craft Glue
  • Rhinestones and/or pearls
  • Large trash bags


  • Select your favorite photographed moments with your mom; you can print them from home, or save them to a flash drive and have them printed art your local CVS, FedEx office or Staples.
  • When choosing the frame and spray paint color, go for those you know mom will love!
  • Next, choose a flat surface in a well ventilated area or outside, and lay your garbage bags to protect the surface. Follow these tips to spray paint like a boss!
  • After the frame dries, use your glue to add the jewels to border of the frame.
  • Now the fun part! Use the filler photo from the frame as your guide, you want to make sure that your collage fits perfectly within the frame! Get creative with how you position photos, this is not your average iPhone picstitch!
  • Once dry, place the collage in the frame and boom you have a cute photo collage and a bomb frame for mom!

I know it may feel like you’re back in your 5th grade art class, but I promise your mom will love having such a personalized gift from you.

Gifts For mom: Mother’s Day Gifts in a jar

gifts for mom

Photo credit: Hello Splendid


  • Tissue paper grass
  • 2 gallon glass jar
  • Mom’s favorite things
  • Ribbon
  • Craft boxes
  • Chalk board tag
  • Chalk marker
  • Craft Glue

I actually came across this while browsing Pinterest! This is a super cute alternative to making a tradition gift basket and definitely beats buying a generic one from Walgreens. Fell free to use a jar of your choice, I like the size of a cookie jar and mom can reuse it. It doesn’t have to be filled with super expensive things, but awesome products such as her favorite face mask, healthy snacks, nail polish, gum etc. Finish this gift off with a loving hand written note. Yes, I know it may seem like handwritten notes are a thing of the past, but your mom will love it and it’s a friendly reminder that you can still write lol!

Full tutorial:

Hello Splendid by Jillian Warner

I’ve learned it’s not always about how much you spend on a gift, more so the thought that goes into the gifts for mom. Personally, my mother does a lot for my family, and it’s nice to put a gift together that I feel she’ll truly love. I also know that parents sometimes don’t feel as needed once we get older and that the roles become reversed. This is the opportunity to express appreciation to your mom and remind her that although you’re older now, you still want to do something special just for her.

Think outside the box this Mother’s Day and do something your mom won’t expect. If you have a sister or best friend who is a mom as well, do more than a card paired with a gift card. Show the ladies close to you that you appreciate them, I bet they’ll absolutely love it.

Motivating women in here hustle, Michelle retired as a heartbreak kid, and became a heart healer. Through, she speaks to the everyday woman, to encourage and motivate them to have the life they desire. Michelle is a a certified life coach and author.

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