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31 days. 31 Women. 31 Profiles of Success: Kyler Dessau of Feel God’s Love

We’re counting down the final days of the month and nearing to lady 31. Yet, before we meet her, allow me to introduce you to an on-fire-for-Christ, poised, prim and proper, young lady. A bubbly and passionate professional who is well known for her love of love and fashionable ensembles. Meet the one and only Kyler Dessau, the founder and creator of Feel Gods Love. Through Feel Gods Love, Dessau brings you her exclusive perfume line which embodies scents, to represent each fruit of the Spirit.
Kyler Dessau
Though her brand doesn’t stop there, as Dessau is also gearing up to launch an inspirational clothing  line; which is sure to empower other millennial Christians around the globe.  
  Kyler Dessau
Looking at Dessau and all of her success now, you would easily assume she hasn’t had many cares in the world. Yet with a series of testimonial posts, all assumptions were laid to rest as she shared her untold stories. Speaking on a time when she battled an eating disorder, on to the night she contemplated suicide, Dessau let her followers see a side of her life that had so far gone unseen. Yet, she quickly learned that her testimony was not just for her — because within less than a month after sharing her truths, her ministry began to blossom before her very eyes. Friends, acquaintances, and those she didn’t know, began to share their own suicide attempts, while others openly shared how they too battled issues with eating disorders and their weight. Beyond the outpour of love on social media, Dessau’s greatest reward came as she was continually requested to share her story with others.
Now a powerful motivational speaker, Dessau travels regularly to empower women fighting through their troubles, while encouraging them to embrace their God-given purpose. At her most recent engagement, the Mother-Daughter Brunch 2015, she left the room chanting,

“I am Powerful and I am Passionate about walking in my Purpose!” 

We salute you, Kyler Dessau, as you have truly turned a test into a testimony. Even more so, you are a woman on the rise and we can’t wait to see what your future holds! 
If you’d like to follow her phenomenal journey, do so on Instagram and Periscope, @Refined_Ky. We know you won’t be disappointed! 
Cesley is EmpireLifeMag.Com’s Contributing Editor. She is a certified Empowerment Coach, as well as the Creator & Founder of Solace Services, LLC. Through Solace Services, Cesley guides women to their true voice — enabling them to live a life of purpose! Through her own personal experience, she also empowers Christian Singles to live their best lives NOW!

You can follow Cesley on all social sites at: LifeCoachCes and track her motivational posts via the hashtag: #LCCes. For client or booking inquiries, please email:

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