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Empire Insight: Julie Hightower of A Better Day with Julie

Julie HightowerI had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Beauty and Fashion Expert Julie Hightower, from A Better Day With Julie. First off I have to say, Julie is super vibrant, she is from St. Louis so you get sweet southern hospitality with a bit of sass. During our time together we talked about everything from eating at Sweetie Pies whenever she goes home to where to buy the hottest shades. What I like most about Julie is her genuine upbeat personality, there was never a moment where she wasn’t sending out good vibes or speaking in happy tones. So I totally understand why she is such a winner in her career. We also took a moment to discuss the growth of her empire as well as her thoughts on competition. Here is what she had to say.

Corvet Williams: What is your approach to sales for new client and how do you maintaining old clients?

Julie Hightower: Through building relationships, rapport and having an authentic relationship you will go further and you will win! Understanding peoples need will make the sale for you. Having the rapport helps to get the relationship and build a connection. I can better understand my clients personally and that will make them feel comfortable and make them want to work with me. It won’t be a winning transaction if the relationship isn’t built correctly.

CW: When were you faced with a competitive colleague and how did you handle the situation?

JH: Team competition and peer performance, when its a team, is co-petiton. Competitors selling in the same arena of products and services is competition. You have to know your business, master your craft, study the competition (know theirs as good as you know yours) and always be able to distinguish between theirs and yours. Why would I take your product over theirs, is what a customer will ask. WIFM- whats in it for me? What can they benefit from if they get the product? Be relational, have charisma, and articulate what’s in it for them. Once you have that covered, that knocks the competition out. Master your craft, understand and master whom you are up against.

CW: What are your thoughts on competition?

JH: It is good and a challenge that keeps you on your A game. The challenge of sales is being different. co- opitition when its a team. Differentiate.

CW: What made you start your show? JH: It’s a forum to talk about what I’m passionate about and what women like. Finding the best deals for people to get what they like. Being able to have guest and have them connect with the audience to get the best and feel good; that’s the objective. Julie Hightower

CW: What makes your show stand out from the other online shows?

JH: Fashion, beauty, deals and steals! It’s an outlet to plug-in and to do what I’m passionate about. We see different shows but what about real women? Still looking good but on their budget? We don’t have make-up artist, so how can we look fabulous and look good on a deal and a steal or grab and go. When our hair, nails, makeup and outfits are right we can not be stopped. I personally didn’t see someone who was giving that info? So I said why not share a deal and great info with other women?!

CW: How do you perform?

JH: I show up as Julie Hightower! I always aim to be the best version of me, put people first, I always win. I won a lot of awards and have been #1 at all of the companies I have worked for. I am authentic, kind, nice, godly and very passionate about people. I show up not worrying about other people. I realize God only made one you and one me.

CW: Do you handle your work thinking about the competition or do you focus on your goals?

JH: I am always aware of what’s going on with my business and the environment I am selling in, with the show I have a team to make the show exciting, fun and inviting. My sales territory was very entrepreneurial. I knew what my clients needed and I knew what the competition was doing. People talk and tell you what others are doing so you can use that info as pearls to reinvent yourself. We are created by the creator and we are creative. I strive to fine tune what I have been given authenticity and keeping people first, it is not about Julie, its about the individual. When you take a service attitude and approach, you always win.

CW: Where do you see A Better Day with Julie in 1 year? 5 years?

JH: The sky is the limit for A Better Day With Julie. The Best Is Yet to Come! I will keep you posted!

CW: What advice do you have for aspiring female entrepreneurs as they work towards building their empire?

JH: My advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs is to follow your heart, passion, and your dream. Study what you want to be and make the investment in yourself. Don’t expect people to believe nor buy into your dream if you do not. There will never be a perfect time or perfect age!! Surround yourself with Ambassadors and Believers who love and uplift you! Julie’s formula is believe, act, work hard and harder, and make it happen and you will be exactly where you want to be. You get one life, what will you do?! Trust the process and be the winner you’re called to be! The best is yet to come!!!   Be sure to catch Julie every Friday on Instagram for Friday Finds, “New deals and steals every Friday. Find Julie on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest as well. Cheers to A Better Day With Julie!

Inventor, Actress, writer, seamstress. I am a member of the Chicago Inventors Organization and I do consulting for new inventors. Live Life Fearless.

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