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If You Want Something Done Right, DIY!

Igniting your creativity with projects, feeding your entrepreneurial spirit with innovative ideas and bringing your inner fashionista to fruition with a twist on the trends. These 15 handpicked bloggers proudly show why DIY’ers do it best!

  1. As we all know DIY projects can cover a multitude of categories, which is why DIY & Crafts made the list! Each post has a personality of its own — ranging from home decor projects, to foodie favorites and summer garden tricks to keep the bugs away. The best part is that the team at DIY & Crafts posts several times a week, so the possibilities are endless.
  2. Now, please allow me to introduce the lovely Sheena Tatum aka Sophistishe! This beautiful blogger shows us how to do everything from creating household cleaners onto how to make money reviewing products, without blogging. Completely dedicated to showing moms everywhere how it can be done, this family-photo-filled site will surely speak to many facets of your world. You have several tabs and topics to choose from, but one of my favorite posts happens to be her: Small Home Projects to Complete Now. Trust me, this one is an oldie compared to her other posts, but it’s definitely a goodie. Thank me later!
  3. We all have that one item we refuse to toss out while the truth is, we don’t know what to do with it. Well, no need to fret —Vintage Revivals is here to save the day! Not only does Mandi Gubler blog about her projects, she takes it a step further with her Fearless DIY series via The Design Network. Not only will you find dozens of DIY projects for your favorite antique pieces, but the real jewel that makes this blogger so special — her Real Life Story section. I won’t ruin the story for you, but after reading it and seeing what she’s accomplished since, you’ll know without a doubt that pressure truly does make diamonds.
  4. Erica Bunker, creator of DIY Style, landed on my screen and fell into my heart! Why you ask? Simply because this fashionista shows us how to take the DIY approach to fashion — and in the most fabulous way might I add. Dubbed the “DIY Diva” last year by Hoover Magazine, Erica is on a quest to share the sewing possibilities with us all. Though you don’t have to take my word for it, just take a look at her handcrafted pieces modeled at Birmingham Fashion Week!
  5. Empirelistas, let’s Smile and Wave at Rachel Denbow as we say thank you for her impeccable blog; filled with DIY projects for the home and little ones. For my crafty-challenged friends Denbow offers e-courses! No time for courses? No problem! Each course has no definite start or end date and to top it off, your access to the information never expires. So what’s the next e-course in the docket? Cultivate Your Creativity: Permission to Make Something. Yes, I’m excited too!
  6. Every woman needs a pair & a spare— and if you want a variety of DIY projects, you’ve landed in the right spot. Geneva Vanderzeil captured my attention with her four-fold DIY section. From sewing to home decor and even plants, this DIY darling provides it all. So go ahead and make this adorable summer-friendly tie front cut out dress, pair it with a crystal flare necklace and we can’t forget the hardware clutch.
  7. We’d love to believe that we’re all über creative — though, let’s be honest and say that’s partially true. Ha-ha! But no need to worry ladies, Damask Love has our backs’ and as she says “craft is in session!” Not only is her site easy on the eyes, but she also has an easy section for the crafty-challenged. The icing on the cake, Damask Love also has a kids section for the mompreneurs looking for summer fun with the little ones! She truly is our muse when it comes to the world of crafts.
  8. Going green can be costly but what if you could be environmentally conscious and penny-wise? No, it’s not an oxymoron — and it’s quite possible thanks to Savvy Brown. This lovely lady proudly proclaims “I believe being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, being green can be easy and being broke isn’t an option.” I believe we all share those sentiments, but just in case let me ask: do you need a DIY Protein Deep Conditioner? Check. DIY Foaming Face Wash? Check. How about Money Saving Tips? Oh darling, check-mate. Go on and dive in, there’s plenty to find and save.
  9. Another great way to save would be to make all of your children’s clothing. Sounds insane? Well, it’s definitely doable! In 2014, the lovely Olu challenged herself to make her children’s clothes and not only did she succeed, but she also started making her own as well. A self-proclaimed lover of the color grey, Olu documents her original and simply eclectic designs for us via Needle and Ted. From free patterns on to her fully recorded collection, Olu’s blog is beyond a treat. Oh and I can’t forget the best part… her models are her adorable kids. Have at it!
  10. While making clothes for the kiddies would be fun, replicating a $1,227 jumpsuit is even better! Which is why it’s no surprise that Nikki Brooks-Revis of Beaute’ J’adore, tickled my love for labels with her elegant taste in DIY designs. Outside of the perfect DIY Floral Jumpsuit Brooks-Revis also slayed a DIY Caftan Dress. Not in the mood to make your own clothes? Then feel free to shop Brooks-Revis’ closet for oodles of phenomenal pieces galore.
  11. The sexiest thing any woman could ever wear is confidence — which is why Oh Wize One is one of the sexiest ladies on the block! From DIY jewelry to DIY clothing, this Laura Wize provides insight on it all. For the ladies with a little extra love in the midsection, she speaks life with her post: Stop Letting VBO be Your Confidence Killer. To stay cool this summer and let those legs get some sun check out her 3-step post, showing you how to transform jeans into patchwork shorts.
  12. Looking for summer projects? Good, because Homey Oh My has plenty! Amy, the beauty and brains of Homey Oh My, created the perfect list of Summer DIYs to Try with a sweet chic variety, turning your home into a canvas and making your outdoor adventures more fashionable. Go ahead and click around — you won’t be disappointed.
  13. Sharifa Callendar of Sharifa Creates proves that creativity is the light of the world —so let it shine! DIY jewelry, hair care and clothing, you really can’t go wrong when following Callendar. While being a creative soul herself, Callendar shares her gift by pushing others to seek and explore their own creativity as well. In one of her latest posts, she tells of 4 Ways to Spark Creativity in simple yet, uncommon ways. I’ll be honest suggestion number 2 was my favorite, read the post to find yours.
  14. In the spirit of entrepreneurship and all things creative, let’s visit Laze & Glaze. Through this blog, Jenny Bess not only shares clever DIY projects, but she also shares her life. Following her you’ll learn all about her love for animals, on to how to create DIY Hanging Sunflower Balls (which brighten any room). Remember how I mentioned entrepreneurship? Well Bess also runs an Etsy page where she sells her creations and store-bought favorites — then in her monthly Budgeting Bloggers piece she shares the contrast in costs of what she’s purchased vs. what she’s sold. Isn’t that a great way to balance your closet and finances? I thought so too.
  15. Lastly, while conquering the world with class and being: financially savvy, fashionably fierce, handy-woman crafty and an entrepreneurial powerhouse — don’t forget to be facially flawless. Which is where Karen Annette makes her entrance. Karen Annette is a vlogger showing ladies everywhere how to get the glam squad look all on your own. This light hearted Cali gal will show you how to achieve the Classic Brown & Gold Smokey Eye and make sure you nail the Contour & Highlight method of the stars. Paired with great music, these tutorials will certainly leave you “beat” to perfection.

Well Empirelistas, there you have it! 15 bloggers who show that DIY’ers do it best. No matter what you’re looking to achieve on your own, any of the sites above can bring it to fruition. Yes there are tons of DIY blogs out there, yet these ladies are some of the best in the league. So without further delay, scroll back up, click around and be sure to subscribe to the ones that resonate best with your goals. After all, we just want to see your DIY dreams come true. Don’t you?

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    Laura WIze

    June 27, 2015 at 8:32 pm

    Thanks for featuring me!!.. Thank you even more for featuring the other bloggers their blogs are fantastic!!

    • Cesley B.

      July 31, 2015 at 9:01 pm

      You’re welcome Laura! Keep up the great work congrats again on your other recent features. I’m sure this is just the beginning of many great things to come!


    Karen Annette

    September 13, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    Thanks for the feature! God id good! Way too awesome!

    • Cesley B.

      September 18, 2015 at 11:04 pm

      You’re welcome Karen — thank you for always being a fierce & fab example!


    Erica Bunker

    September 28, 2015 at 11:15 am

    Thanks so much for featuring me!

    • Cesley B.

      October 1, 2015 at 6:55 am

      You’re welcome Erica — and congrats on your Black Bloggers feature, too!

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