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#ICYMI: Werk. Pray. Slay.

If I could summarize Werk. Pray. Slay. with one word it’d be – everything! No, not just because Koereylle and team did a phenomenal job coordinating the event. But simply because it was everything that I didn’t know I needed.But, I’m so glad I received and couldn’t wait to share with you all! The 3-day event, also deemed the “Be Your Own Boss” conference (#BYOBConference), was one that every woman, regardless of marital status and career desires, could have benefited from. So without further delay, let’s jump right in to the day-by-day recap of the lessons learned from Werk. Pray. Slay!

Friday fierceness. 

Werk. Pray. Slay.

Photo courtesy of KOE

The weekend started on a high note, as we all celebrated the release of Koreyelle’s first book, Werk: 101: Get-Your-Life-Together Guide! An intimate atmosphere covered the room full of ladies and gentlemen, as Koreyelle sat and answered questions with Essence’s own, Charrea Jackson. If I learned anything from the Q&A, it is that Koereylle moves with unapologetic intention in everything that she does. She’s a true strategist who is clear about her purpose and end goal; masterfully planning details down to making sure Werk: 101 fits in your purse. After the Q&A, we let the good vibes roll as we all enjoyed the positivity flowing through the room, originating from Koereyell and her team.

We slayed on Saturday! Werk. Play. Slay.

Just from entering the venue, it was clear that the excitement was waiting for me at the door!  Ladies galore, rocking their Werk. Pray. Slay. shirts were all over the building, buzzing with energy and ready to feed their souls. Once I stopped for several must-have pictures, we all made our way into a beautifully decorated venue, orchestrated to perfection by Brighter Affairs. After a little eating, mingling and networking it was show time and one-by-one the speakers hit the stage on what I call, slay day!

Lady Koereyelle 
As Koreyelle took the stage, you could see the joy in her face as she appreciated the room packed with women, ready to hang on to her every word. “There is something that each of us are meant to do!” she exclaimed, while reminding us to look within to manifest all of the tools needed to follow our purpose. But the former educator didn’t give us false hope to think it would just fall in our laps. No, she made sure that we all knew, that if we wanted to see our purpose come to pass we “have to be willing to do the W.E.R.K!”

W. Whatever it takes to be a boss; living on your terms.
E. Educate yourself; becoming a lifelong learner.
R. Reciprocity; “the only way to guarantee continuous blessings is to be a continuous blessing.”
K. Keep good people around you; “good energy is contagious.”

Sharing her story and reminding us that even though we may fall, “as long as you get back up, [we’ll] succeed.”

The lavish Lakia 
If you saw my video of her entrance, you can already imagine what her energy was like on stage! Lakia Brandenburg, better known as “LB,” immediately grabbed our attention by revealing that everyone has a story to tell. Holding true to the theme, LB reminded us that our unwritten and unfinished books are the “passports to the life you want to live” and gateway to becoming our own boss. Using her personal testimony as an example, LB showed us how her book, The Tiara, opened dozens of doors for her — confirming that a single leap of faith can unlock several streams of revenue. LB even shared with us that by sending a copy of her book to Koereyelle and presenting it to the Single Wives Club, she was blessed with her position as the current Director of the Wives Society.

Chíc Charrea

As the Relationship Editor of Essence Magazine, this Boss Bride came to shed light on self-love and success. While uplifting the room with her sweet personality, Charrea Jackson reminded each woman in attendance that, “you’ve already met the love of your life. The person who is in every relationship that you’re in, is you. And the person you enter this world with and leave this world with — you’ve already got her.” As if that wasn’t enough to cause each of us to do a self-check, Charrea followed up that statement by letting us know that, “I didn’t have to go looking for love when I became love.” Yes Empirelista, she got all of the single wives together, in a short amount of time! After confirming the need to love who we are, she brought us to a close while staying true to her Boss Bride mission — showing us the importance of “surviving the intersection of love & career.” Embracing the fact that many in attendance were single, she gently reminded us that “it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top;” literally causing a unified “ooo” to erupt in the room.

Real Talk, with Pastor Kim!

In her world famous tutu, Pastor Kim took the stage singing “if bae don’t pray, bae can’t stay!” Then with a big smile and a loving spirit, she began to minister to our inner woman who didn’t feel that she was enough. Sharing her testimony of troubles, trials and triumph, Pastor Kim showed us that God can truly deliver you from any heartbreak and down fall. But just as she said “ the harder I fall, the higher I bounce!” Coming from living at home, working a minimum wage job and building her world renowned brand out of her car, Kim stood before us as a best selling author of Beautifully Broken and a well known minster to the masses. Kim noted how easy it was for her to look around and become jealous of someone else’s life. Which is why she wanted us to know it was time to “stop looking at someone else and loving their life, instead learn to love your own.”  And just like that,  Pastor Kimberly Jones Potheir left the room fired up and ready to conquer!

Sunday tea.


With big hats, gorgeous ensembles and fiercely beat faces we all sashayed to the finale event, #WivesWhoBrunch. Meeting at T.I’s new classy establishment, Scales 925, we all were fed well beyond the delicious food. Beginning with Patrice C. Washington being honored with the ‘Clair Huxtable’ award, we all got an authentic lesson in what it takes to make a marriage successful. Being as transparent as possible, Patrice let us know that the journey hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. When divulging tips on how to stand the test of time, she stated that “fighting for your family, forgetting past hurts and just staying in faith” are truly key. As each bit of truth rolled off of her tongue, all we could do is nod in agreement. But of all the things she shared, her cherish for her husband had to be one of the most inspiring.

The rest of the day flowed like milk and honey, as we laughed, loved on each other and proudly embraced where we were in life. From learning that we weren’t alone in some of our dating biases through “Date him or Diss him” – to enjoying their rendition of ‘The Real-wives” talk show, I lost count of how many laughs and “mmhmms” we shared. Though, you know the day wouldn’t have been complete without the leading ladies of the Wives Society sharing their wisdom with the group. Divulging personal struggles and successes in their marriages, each woman opened up to the questions asked by our resident wife coach, LB. So many great nuggets came from this segment alone, but instead I’ll share my top three from each wife on the panel.

  1. Starting with the fabulous Sakeissa, wife and owner of Sheheroine, who compassionately explained that “before all of the titles, ‘mom’, ‘wife’, etc. you are a woman.”
  2. Then taking tips from the newly married Alicia of Brighter Affairs, we were reminded that “when looking for love, be open! You already probably know the love of your life and you just never gave him a chance.”
  3. And last but not least, the oh-so-wise, Nikhol Jackson — brought it full circle noting that we have to focus on “what you can control, [which] is what you do to prepare yourself so that you are as healthy, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, as you can be going into any type of relationship in the future.”

Gosh, as chalked full of information and goodness as this recap happens to be, there was no way to capture it all. But I will say, this is an event that will be on my calendar next year! And the best part is, you don’t have to wait until the next Werk. Pray. Slay. to start being blessed by this organization. Go sign up for the Single Wives Club classes, email club, get the Werk101 app, or join the Wives Society. Click any of the names above to stay in touch with each of those beauties. And above all, as you prepare for whatever is coming your way, please remember that it takes W.E.R.K., you have to pray and then prepare to slay!

Cesley is EmpireLifeMag.Com’s Contributing Editor. She is a certified Empowerment Coach, as well as the Creator & Founder of Solace Services, LLC. Through Solace Services, Cesley guides women to their true voice — enabling them to live a life of purpose! Through her own personal experience, she also empowers Christian Singles to live their best lives NOW!

You can follow Cesley on all social sites at: LifeCoachCes and track her motivational posts via the hashtag: #LCCes. For client or booking inquiries, please email:


  1. Breian B

    November 6, 2015 at 10:25 am

    “you’ve already met the love of your life. The person who is in every relationship that you’re in, is you. And the person you enter this world with and leave this world with — you’ve already got her.” Awesome quote. Looks like it was definitely an eventful, aw-spiring weekend.

    • Cesley B.

      November 6, 2015 at 8:04 pm

      Aw-spiring, indeed! I seriously can’t wait to attend next year!



    November 6, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Ces, this recap is beyond everything! WOW! I just relived the entire weekend through your vivid words! Thank you SO much for being a part of this experience and for sharing your insight on WERK.Pray.Slay with your following. XO

    • Cesley B.

      November 6, 2015 at 8:07 pm

      Thank you, LB!! You ladies were amazing and you ma’am, kept me laughing the entire weekend. You’re positivity and sense of humor are contagious! I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for you!

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