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How To Remain Consistent and Focused on Your Passions

Time and time again we have these episodes in life called “distractions,” that more than likely keep us Empirelistas off track in just about every facet of our day. Simple things like a breakout on our face, traffic on our way to an important business meeting or an annoying co-worker can cause us to temporarily lose focus from the present task at hand. Unfortunately, there are more serious distractions that may obstruct our life’s purpose as well. These situations can stem from absolutely anywhere and there is no particular time, pace or place in your life that can ever prepare you for it. Often times, we can acknowledge the lack of application of attention, effort and consistency in things we love but may not have the motivation and support to pick ourselves and fight the feeling of defeat. Luckily, there’s an abundance of effective ways to remain consistent and focused on your passions. Here are three important ways to get back on track towards pursuing your passion.

1. Prioritization and Figuring Out Your Why

One of the most important steps with almost every aspect in your life is defining your why. In this case, it’s figuring out whether your distraction was a choice, inevitable or based off lack of prioritization. In addition, we must also find out if our passion was fleeting; placed on the back burner due to conflicting goals or challenged due to the lack of planning. For example, an aspiring entrepreneur decides to reach a sales goal in her jewelry business of $10,000 within the first three months of operations. She is extremely passionate about designing pieces and enjoys the production process. The young woman is also willing to acquire more financial education to operate her business successfully. In the same instance, she is also a full time student and wants to be prosperous in her schoolwork but is having a hard time managing her passion. In this brief description, she must assess her why. It is evident that our aspiring entrepreneur yearns for success, but she must figure out she can maintain her full-time status as a student as well blossoming business woman. Lastly, she must create an effective time management system that will realistically provide her time. According to,

“it’s about figuring out specifically what you want, what tasks take you there, what order they should be done in, and what tools and knowledge you need to complete the tasks.”

2. Do The Work, Repeat

In some circumstances, we may not have necessarily lost sight of our passions, but may have stopped the pursuit due to challenging times. There may have been a roadblock between your work ethic and an obstacle that completely turned you away from your passion. Often times, the thought of leadership and commitment can be overwhelming and takes the “love” out of the passion. We must remember that anything we want out of life, we must establish specific goals and stay committed. With business related passions, there’s no escaping leadership roles and “Doing the Work.” Who else is going to pursue your passion harder than you? Sometimes inconsistencies are the only constants we know but the aim is to move progressively. Repetition in levels of growth will contribute to the success you desire and deserve versus repetition in undone busy work.

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3. Have Fun and Enjoy The Process

When you think about it, what’s the point of pursuing your passion with absolutely no enjoyment? Granted, you’ll have some “not so fun” parts of refocusing but appreciating the process makes it so worth it. Passion is all about having energy and enthusiasm to stay consistent because this dream, or idea you’re putting effort into is worth it. According to Psychology Today,

“when it comes to your passions, the only thing that matters is that you enjoy them.”

Pursuing your passion take commitment and it’s not uncommon to lose sight of your goals. Remember the tips above and stick with your passion, we can’t wait to see the empire you’ll build!

TX Licensed Real Estate Agent and Founder of Nigerian based non profit, Echoes of a Kora; The African Elementary School Project. She is also the owner of @iamhermovement.

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