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Dear Summer: Fun Things to do Before Summer Ends

The last weekend of summer is upon us! No need to wallow in your sorrow, you knew it was coming. What you should do is make the most of it. Grab a friend or go it alone, here are some fun things to do before Summer 2015 ends.

1. Visit a Museum/Exhibit that will inspire you

Fun Things to do Before Summer Ends

Get your next wave of inspiration from your local museum or art exhibit. The best part is that most museums are free to enter. Museums not only offer education but they offer inspiration and insight into history and different forms of art. There is something spiritually enhancing about the silence and meditative energy in museums. It allows you to be enchanted and inspired by the simplest exhibits.

2.Take that weekend Getaway Trip!

Fun Things to do Before Summer Ends

Many of the hottest destinations are available for the fraction of the cost, take advantage of these great deals. Feel free to take that road trip to a neighboring town for a day or two; make it an adventure with minimal cost. Pack your car and overnight bag and GO!

  • a great place to book for trips, not your average hotel it’s even better. Rent an entire home for the price of a hotel
  • offers one way trips for less than $20 from state to state. There is no excuse to not explore.


Fun Things to do Before Summer Ends

There is power in a vision board. Create one and watch the opportunities present themselves. Give yourself a moment to manifest your goals before the start of the new season. With holiday’s approaching a vision board is a great way  to prioritize your investments. Vision boards are a great excuse to network or socialize. Have a creative vision board party with your family, friends or colleagues or search Eventbrite for a local vision board party.


Fun Things to do Before Summer Ends

For some of us, the opportunity to be a beach bum will not return until next summer. Once the fall breeze and winter snow comes along we’ll be wishing we made the effort. A few benefits of going in the evening:

  • Watch the sunset over the vast and beautiful body of water.
  • If you go right before the sun sets chances are you will find a tranquil and less crowded area.
  • Plan a romantic beach night outing that will be a cherished memory until your next excursion.

5. Take that exercise class you promised yourself

Fun Things to do Before Summer Ends

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There’s no better time, like the present, to begin training for your body for #Summer2016. Develop good exercise habits now to avoid the inevitable weight the comes along during the holiday season; you won’t regret it. So, grab your friends and do yoga in the park, take surf lessons, go rock climbing sessions or give martial art a try!


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Summer cleaning can lead to a garage sale, or apparel trade off party with your girlfriends. You can easily make remodeling your room, closest or home into a celebration, just provide the mimosas. Once the cleaning is complete, you’ll have space for the new wardrobe that says you are ready to take on the world!



There is never a better excuse to bring people together than FOOD. Who doesn’t love the idea of cooking outdoors and having everyone enjoy the top radio hits while engaging in conversations about current events? Invite all those people you meant to catch up with this whole summer.


Dear Summer: Fun Things to do Before Summer Ends

Literally! Push yourself and soak in the scenetic views of the nearest park or hiking trail. Getting to the top or the end will only symbolize the beginning or your new adventures this up and coming season. Remember, no phones  unless it’s for photographs!

This last weekend of Summer is your’s for the taking Empirelistas, make the most of it! We would love to hear you plans, drop us a line below.

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