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From Vision Board to Real Goals

It’s officially 2016! You’ve created your vision board, but have you checked to make sure it aligns with your goals for this year?

Last month, we talked about the Goal Digging Rules for 2016 over on Goodlif Media. Did you reflect on how you want your personal and professional life to feel in 2016? How you will reward yourself in 2016 for accomplishing your goals? All of these are important to making sure your vision board is aligned with your goals, whether they’re big or small.

Vision Board

Many of us are guilty of creating this beautiful vision board that we emptied our imaginations onto about our future and forget to hold ourselves accountable. In order to get the most out of your vision board, you must align it with what you really want to happen in the next twelve months.

While there are no rules to vision boards, it’s important to make sure it focuses on how you feel as you accomplish your goals.

Your vision board is the inspirational space that helps you focus on bringing your goals to life. Visualization is a powerful law of attraction that allows you to bring your dreams to fruition through a powerful mind exercise. So make sure you’ve placed your vision board in a place where you will see it often, like over your desk or near your front door so you’ll be forced to see it constantly.

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Trust, I get it. You thought vision boards were all about material things, vacations and making big bucks. But it’s much bigger than that. How do those vacations make you feel? How will it make you feel to purchase your first pair of Louboutin’s without a second thought about your savings account?

My vision board is full of women relaxing and enjoying the moment because I want to be in a relaxing environment every time I accomplish a goal. That energy and feeling makes me happy and excited about the future. Now, don’t take this as face value and remove all of your material items. Leave those! It’s important that as you look at this board and get excited about what’s to come, you also remember the tangible items you want to reward yourself with.

Just remember, visualization is key—it’s what makes your vision come to life. There’s no right or wrong way to do your vision board, just make sure it’s inspirational and makes you feel good as you knock out each of your goals in 2016!

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