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From Local Business to Global Influence

The global marketplace is rapidly expanding. At the same time, it’s packed with niche markets. Thanks to the internet, local businesses now have opportunities to enter new markets like never before. Which makes selecting the right approach is crucial! Here are three tips as you enter in new markets and pursue a global influence.

1. Speak Your Audience’s Language

Do what you do best, but remember your audience. Speak their language with authenticity and sincerity because you have yet to establish yourself. Forging strategic partnerships depends solely on your level of commitment and approach. Build a foundation within your niche and get to know your “niche” neighbors. Work with the right partners and they will reinforce your international endeavors.

Once you’ve managed to make a name for yourself domestically, many of those brand qualities should help you thrive in new markets. Bringing time-tested methods to a new audience gives you a blueprint and script. Relying on “old guns” can give you a leg up, but be sure to polish them to hit the new target and fit into the correct holsters.

2. Analyze Your New Markets

A real analysis of a new market means checking the feasibility and benefits of doing business. Selecting markets that closely align with your goals, after careful examination, will save you a lot of time and effort. Pay attention to where competitors have faltered and learn vicariously. Adapt and think on your feet!

3. Prepare

Entering a new playing field means operating with a whole bevy of new factors, such as currency and country specific regulations. Prepare by doing your research. Be aware of local government, private recourse, hot spot locations, transport and the natural flow of goods and people. Never underestimate and always over prepare.

For more information on taking your business global, schedule a strategy session where small businesses go to grow.

Dana is a Business Growth and Development Consultant and the Founder of Gray Capital Solutions. Through Gray Capital Solutions, Dana provides consulting, strategy and coaching to help small businesses grow. You can learn more by exploring or follow @graycapsolns.

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