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Fashion Around the World: African Fashion

Fashion inspiration can be found anywhere. I find my inspiration from the seasons and the colors they inspire. I’ve never been one to keep the same style for very long so it’s fun when I find something new to inspire me. Recently, I’ve been finding inspiration from fashion around the world; particularly Africa. Hearing stories from African citizens about the beauty and the diverse landscapes brings my inner stylista so much joy. From nature to the abundance of culture, designers have captured the essence of African fashion and its now available for our consumption.

African Fashion Designer: Thula Sindi

South African designer Thula Sindi launched his brand in 2005 and has been making great fashion strides ever since. His elegant yet edgy designs combine two of my favorite fashion genres and bring to life a style to die for.

African Fashion Designer: Suakoko Betty

Suakoko Betty (pronounced SWAH-kok-ko) is an African lifestyle brand designed by Charlene Dunbar. Now living in Atlanta, Dunbar hopes to spread African sophistication.

African Fashion Designer: Kahindo Mateene

African fashion designer and former Project Runway contestant, Kahindo Mateene is setting ablaze the fashion scene with her elegant African inspired looks. Through her fashion, Mateene hopes to give back to her country and make the world a little more stylish one person at a time.

African Fashion Designer: D’Piper Twins

Based in New York, Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper design beautiful clothing with vibrant African prints and patterns. These high-fashion twins have been featured in WWD, Elle, Essence and many other media outlets. Check out their products and rest easy knowing that the brand uses a portion of their annual sales to support organizations in need.

African Fashion Designer: Zuvaa

Zuvaa was created to fill an empty void in the fashion market. Kelechi, CEO/Founder of Zuvaa, wanted to bring African fashion to the forefront. Thanks to her, we can all add a little African flair to our wardrobes.

Fashion and culture go hand-in-hand. Exploring the world isn’t something we are all able to do but through fashion we are able to experience other countries, experiences and cultures. Who are your favorite African designers?

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