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Thank You #44 – An Ode to President Barack Obama and His Family

We can’t lie. We’re in our feelings today.

Last night, President Barack Obama and his family came back home to Chicago for his farewell address to the nation. This struck a chord because unlike past presidents who chose to deliver their address from the White House, POTUS made a point to return to his roots and personally thank the city who shaped him and supported him throughout his campaigning years.

Although we weren’t physically there at McCormick Place, the energy practically radiated through our television screens as the participants’ chanted and cheered throughout his final address as you can watch below.

For most of us, Barack Obama was apart of the first presidential election we were able to vote in. We’ve always heard from our parents and grandparents how they never thought they would see the day when a Black man would be President of the United States… but when it happened, something else clicked. We’re always told that we can do whatever we want to do and be whoever we want, but that November night in 2008, that became something real.

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As the years went on, we were able to observe President Obama and the way he handled crisis and hard times, the way he paid his haters and naysayers no mind and the way he always remembered the big picture of keeping America first. His campaign’s slogans and sayings yelled for hope! and change! but after his two successful terms in office, we can confirm that he stayed true to his mission.

We are the generation who were able to experience the first Black family in the White House during our transitional years from adolescence to adulthood, that alone is life changing. For eight years, we were able to witness this man, his wife and his two daughters carry their roles as First Family with grace, integrity and style.

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Barack Obama being in office gave us another gift aside from him being the first Black president… Michelle Obama as First Lady. How wonderful was it to watch this woman truly transform what we have come accustomed to know as what it means to be a president’s wife and effortlessly make it her own. Michelle Obama is the blueprint and broke the mold.

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Collectively, Barack and Michelle have become a mainstay in Black love. They are the true epitome of relationship goals, there’s no mistaking their undying loyalty, trust and friendship to one another. The fact that we were able to see their marriage become even more rock solid was such a blessing and for that we are grateful.

As more words could be expressed about the last 8 years, we are left with no more than these following words right now: thank you.

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