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Exercise Your Ethics: Ethical Sales Strategies

Sales are solutions based, they are a result of approaching a situation and asking, “How can I help this person?” Following this initial question, constitutes the premise of ethical sales and offer the ability to  assess if that potential customer needs your assistance and, if so, present how you can assist the client.

In this approach, the actual goal of a salesperson is to show the customer how you can help to solve his or her problem. A great salesperson can show a client the practicality of buying a particular product or service because it can help move the customer forward toward his or her goals. Rather than focusing on your goal of meeting a quota, you concentrate on the needs of the client instead.

While helping someone is always the goal, the world of sales can be brutal and unforgiving at times. The desire to hit your company’s revenue goals can add lots of stress to your life. Moreover, that drive and determination can quickly transform into desperation. When sales are made in this context, you are not respecting yourself or your clients.

What is an Unethical Sale?

Many people will debate this very question and come to the conclusion that since the customer agreed to the deal, it is ethical when that is not necessarily the case. Again, when you are having trouble meeting your sales goals in business, it is easy to think that you have to push, and possibly shade, a deal so more people buy. Standard unethical sales practices include playing upon what a person does not have, or is unable to do and over-promising. Don’t take advantage of people’s problems and persuade them to buy things they do not need. And if you cannot deliver on a promise, don’t make it. It will only hurt your credibility and customer loyalty if you rely on promising the world to a client.

Reflect on your motivation. If the foundation of your drive is “I need money,” then your motivation is definitely in conflict with ethical sales strategies. Whenever a fundamental human need like money is scarce, you have the potential of throwing your values out the window to get what you need to survive.

Making Ethical Sales

The central component in attaining ethical sales is discipline. Discipline will help keep your finances and integrity secure. With practical discipline and forethought, desperation will not have an opportunity to alter your thinking. Overspending and poor marketing choices can be kept in check with strict self-discipline. Many entrepreneurs want to reach beyond their means to succeed, which is not inherently a negative aspect of business. However, when those little choices start to put you in debt, then your ethics can become compromised.

Ethical sales practices create loyal customers. A business should help to satisfy customers’ needs. If you find that your product or service cannot satisfy customers and move them toward their goals, then you should avoid the sale. To build a loyal customer base, you must take the high road in establishing sales. Not only will it benefit your customers’ goals, but it will also boost your sales potential and revenue as your business grows. For more insight, go where small businesses go to grow.

Dana is a Business Growth and Development Consultant and the Founder of Gray Capital Solutions. Through Gray Capital Solutions, Dana provides consulting, strategy and coaching to help small businesses grow. You can learn more by exploring or follow @graycapsolns.

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