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Maximize Your Messaging– Empirelista Newsletter Checklist

Part 3 of 4 – Promoting Your Brand without Being Annoying

You’ve successfully pulled off your launch party, done a few giveaways, now it’s time to nurture those you’ve come in contact with. Newsletters are great was to do just that. Take my word on this because I am subscribed to quite a few! These are great additions to expand your brand and connect on a new level with your audience. Before diving in, there are some things to consider and a lot of it is has to deal with what your current needs are at the time.

You have to truly ask yourself if a newsletter is relevant or needed for the expansion of your brand. Do research, examine the goals you have set into place, look into the time commitment that will have to be implemented – be realistic with yourself. If the newsletter is not the way to go, then try to find another method to introduce material to your audience.

If the answer is yes, then welcome to a new challenge! You are about to take on a new marketing tactic and it will definitely be a learning experience. If you have questions on where to start or what a good newsletter is made of, then this is the perfect checklist for you!

  1. Decide the direction that you want to go with your newsletter. Is your newsletter simply updates from your brand, resources for your audience or a combination of both? Once you have a clear vision, then you will be able to effectively execute your next step.
  2. Insert a catchy subject line that makes your material seem open-worthy among a thousand e-mails.
  3. Images are everything! You really want to grab the attention of your readers with a great graphic that reflects your brand as well as your theme of the newsletter.
  4. When creating a newsletter, be sure that your educational content (90%) outweighs the promotional (10%). People are looking to get caught up with you, not bombarded with extra services.
  5. On the go and on the move is the pace of most individuals today. With that being said, be sure to get straight to the point with everything. Your readers will be looking forward to what you have going on.
  6. Ensure that images and the content all format easily across different platforms (ie. computer, cellphone, tablet).
  7. Keep your page design clean and simple. Eliminate any mishaps of the template by making sure that all the images appear with alt text, so the readers are given the opportunity to read what it may be.
  8. Include “Subscribe” button to encourage viewers to come back for more! However, if for some reason an individual would like to unsubscribe, make the process just as easy.
  9. Add in a signature or specialty touch so that your audience can get one last glimpse of your brand!
  10. The most important thing is to test your newsletter multiple times to confirm that it is properly sent out.

We have high expectations that this guide will be a starting point for your newsletter! If you have one established, feel free to share links in the comments below. We look forward to checking them out!

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