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31 Days. 31 Women. 31 Profiles of Success. Celebrates National Women’s Small Business Month

Too often, women’s accomplishments in business and in the workplace go unnoticed. As women, it’s our duty to not only uplift and support each other’s personal and professional strides, but to disseminate one another’s success across social platforms and other channels. It’s important to highlight women in business and to inspire those who aspire to be business owners themselves. National Women’s Business Council (NWBC), along with other leadership organizations, recognizes October as National Women’s Small Business Month. To join in the celebration, EmpireLifeMag.Com will celebrate throughout the month of October to salute thirty-one women with inspiring entrepreneurial journeys.

Along with the 31 profiles of success, we will focus on empowerment and equality for women in every way. We will dispel double standards and break the glass ceiling. We’ll offer insight into education, training and professional development available to current business owners and those in the throws of their entrepreneurial journey. Women business owners are a force to be reckoned with! Together, we own 9 million business and accumulated 1.6 million in revenue in 2014. Celebrates National Women's Small Business Month

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Despite many obstacles, today women are building empires, creating employment opportunities, impacting the economic state of this country and paving the way for those to come, let our 31 profiles of success and month of women empowerment inspire you to set sail on your own journey to business ownership.

IsokeMK is the Executive Editor of Empire Life Magazine and owner of Masani. From Detroit, now residing in metro DC, IsokeMK is a fashionable entrepreneur, with a love for all things fashion, business and marketing. @isokeMK on Instagam, Twitter and Facebook.

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