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Empire Insight: Meagan Lyles, Founder of The Powerful Women

Our Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Asia Horne had the great pleasure of sitting down with Meagan Lyles, Founder of The Powerful Women. Originally a Detroit-based luncheon event to bring women together to network and collaborate, The Powerful Women evolved into a thriving community of 3000+ women from across the world.

Empire Life: Explain what The Powerful Women is.

Meagan Lyles: The Powerful Women is a network of women of excellence, who are very dynamic. We’re dynamic in our womanhood, our professions and careers, our businesses and (altogether) how we connect with other women. We want to change the norm of how women connect and we want to enhance that experience.

EL: What made you want to transform The Powerful Women into an experience such as The Powerful Women’s Weekend?

ML: I think that uniting is very, very important. As women of excellence, we’re very busy. We’re on the go, we’re making life happen. Setting aside time (to connect with other women), I feel that’s really important. To (be able to) get amazing women in one place, at one time, is the overall mission of our event. (We facilitate) collaborating, uniting and creating those really important relationships that you can use in various areas of your life. Whether you get a business partner, an accountability partner, a friend, a sister (from this experience), I think that’s really important.

EL: How would you describe the ultimate powerful woman? What attributes or characteristics does she have?

ML: The ultimate powerful woman is very open. She’s open to change, she’s open to expanding who she is. Whether that is in terms of her confidence, her faith, how she responds to the world. We talk a lot about responding versus reacting, that even goes towards relationships with other women. A lot of times we think that if we have a disagreement, or if another woman has a strong personality, we think that it can’t work. That’s just the norm. A powerful woman wants to expand on that. How can we use our strengths, come together and still make magic happen. That’s what a powerful woman is about.

EL: Being that this is the first The Powerful Women’s Weekend, how do you feel? After all the long nights, early mornings and meetings, what do you feel in this moment?

ML: Right now I’m on clouds (giggles). But I know after this, we have work to do. The women who are here have shared with me that this needs to be shared with the rest of the world. That’s our next mission; to expand on that level.

EL: We can definitely say that The Powerful Women is your empire. What advice do you have for young women wishing to build their own?

ML: I would say connect, connecting is very important. One, because we don’t live for self; we live for others. Through others we can learn and we can teach. It’s a mutual benefit by connecting. You get to help somebody else and they can help you in return. I would say definitely connect with other women. If you need a mentor, I know that mentors for me have been crucial in my success, in my growth, in my being a woman. Also, surrounding yourself with like-minded women, using their strengths to  enhance your life and vice versa.

EL: Last question. What makes you powerful?

ML: I’m a connector. I don’t like the spotlight and that’s the one thing about The Powerful Women; we don’t have an hierarchy. Everyone’s on the same level. I’m a connector in bringing women together, there’s a couple women here who have enriched their lives from The Powerful Women. That’s why I feel like I’m powerful; my greatest asset is to bring women together.

Image Credit: Bre’Ann White

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