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Editor’s Pick: Why I Helped Create The Unlocked Summit

Sorry for the delay! Since I missed last week’s Editor’s Pick (I moved to a new neighborhood last week, you know how that goes), I’ll be posting TWO Editor’s Picks to make up for it :)

If you follow our Instagram, you’ve been seeing promotion for The Unlocked Summit like CRAZY. A couple posts may have caught your eye, you may have even checked out the website or social media pages… but let me tell you why The Unlocked Summit is incredibly important, especially as an entrepreneurial woman and why I took initiative to create something like it.

A few months ago, I called a close friend of mine, Chatoya Antwine of A la Carte Galore. Initially, it was to ask if she’d like to help me coordinate and plan an event that was geared towards entrepreneurial women (of course) but we began to see the event idea recycled over and over on social media… so it was back to the drawing board.

Being that we’re both entrepreneurs in our own right, we attend A LOT of events. Networking mixers, conferences, co-working spaces, dinners… you name it, we go. But we knew something was missing. From these experiences, we began to brainstorm and collaborate to create something that we personally desired to see in a event; that something is The Unlocked Summit.

• It’s necessary

Plain and simple, it’s necessary for The Unlocked Summit to come to life. As entrepreneurs, we yearn to connect, collaborate and collect information that will help us grow personally and professionally. We aim to provide an environment where we can do this organically, in the company of other like-minded women.

• It’s impactful

Instead of instantly reaching out to well-known entrepreneurs, we purposely selected local business owners and brand builders from right here in Chicago. Why always go for women to keynote that yes, are successful and thriving, but overlook the women that are in your very city and entrepreneurial community that you have seen first-hand build their empire using the very same connections and resources that are readily available to you? There’s SO much undeniable value in that.

• It’s sincere

Sincerity is crucial as a woman in the entrepreneurial community, that’s how we gage value in our connections. It’s true that there’s no feelings when it comes to business, but it definitely matters when it comes to sisterhood. That’s what we want to help cultivate. We made it a point to always remain sincere and transparent with every step we have taken creating The Unlocked Summit because truly, we wanted to create something that we would want to experience ourselves; a raw, transparent experience with like-minded women who want to help each other grow.

• It’s dynamic

This isn’t a event where you go to be cute and be seen, this is an experience that will hopefully change your life! The purpose of The Unlocked Summit is to help you unlock your goals, dreams and future and encourage you to push through to the next level in your life. We aim to act as a catalyst to change the scope of events geared towards women in business; this isn’t to make money, this is to make change and activate growth. This is for women who can no longer wait for something big to happen to them but instead take the steps to make something big happen themselves.

Clearly, you can see I’m passionate about this :) I truly love to help create things that can help others build their empires and lives into what they envision it to be, I hope to help you do just that at The Unlocked Summit.

Join me November 7th in Chicago for an day-long experience that will help you open the door to the next level. Register here and learn more about the summit, our incredible facilitators and more at the website and the flyer below. It’s time ladies! Time to activate your dreams!

The Unlocked Summit

A creative at heart, Asia founded Empire Life Magazine and EmpireLifeMag.Com to fill a void in the media marketplace and serve the connection between creatives and entrepreneurship. Twitter & Instagram: @asiadoesit

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