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Editor’s Pick: 5 Podcasts Every Black Entrepreneurial Woman Should Be Listening To

These days, radio stations aren’t the voice of the people anymore… podcasts are. Podcasts are a way that influencers are able to curate valuable (and uncensored) content to reach the masses. I am a self-proclaimed podcast aficionado, my Podcasts app is full of shows varying from pop culture to intellectual insights to crime tales. I refresh my iPhone daily, craving my next dose of knowledge and depending on the day, sophistiratchness.

All in all, I’m most excited to listen to the podcasts that are created for and by entrepreneurial women of color. These women know. their. stuff. and I have learned so much. I certainly get my motivation pick-me-up as well as my tough love nudge, I value that because you need to hear that from people outside of your immediate circle.  I share my top 5 faves below, check them out! You can click the titles to listen to the podcasts NOW!


Brand New Nation

5. Brand New Nation


Created by Dani and Kriss, Brand New Nation focuses on millennial entrepreneurs and digital influencers to discover the stories behind their success. Even though this podcast had a short run and only has 9 episodes, the information they were able to collect from their guests was very valuable. Their guests include Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules, Zim Ugochukwo of TravelNoire and more.

Why You Should Listen:

Something that I found pretty cool and interesting was the segment called “The Moolah Scoop”, where the hosts asks their guests how much money they make doing what they do (yes, really!). This intrigued me because it’s pretty taboo to ask someone what their income is but it is definitely relevant to know as an aspiring entrepreneur wishing to break into the industry.


4. Behind The Brilliance


Hosted by Lisa Nicole Bell, Behind The Brilliance brings a refreshing perspective through the lens of a successful and smart young Black woman. While mixing her personal insights on life, she blends her inspiring and funny musings with occasional conversations with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring people. New episodes go live on Thursdays.

Why You Should Listen:

I appreciated and I believe you’ll appreciate too is that Lisa recognized and interviewed people that aren’t necessarily in the spotlight but are definitely making things happen. I was introduced to individuals who I now follow very closely because of the interviews from this podcast, including Melinda Emerson aka Small Biz Lady.


3. Think & Grow Chick


Created by Courtney Sanders, The Think & Grow Chick is a self-improvement vigilante, helping 20 and 30-something, African-American women accomplish goals related to their hair, finances, entrepreneurship, health, faith in God, and life.

Why You Should Listen:

I personally love this podcast because of Courtney’s teaching methods. She draws upon personal experiences, walks you through her journey and always brings it back to the lesson she wants you to learn. One of my favorite podcasts of hers would have to be The #1 Key to Becoming a Self-Displined Person… just listen.


2. Branding for Believers


Dr. Shante Bishop, a college professor by day and empowerer by night, created an interactive podcast that equips thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers with the tools and the confidence to BELIEVE BIGGER!

Why You Should Listen:

This is not a podcast, but a podclass. Dr. Shante knows her stuff and is able to translate big concepts into small, relatable lessons. I absolutely LOVE that she uses biblical references as well, definitely hits you right in the heart.


1. Myleik Teele’s Podcast


Owner of the revolutionary curlBOX, a subscription box exclusively naturally curly hair, Myleik Teele shares everything from personal stories, money tips, entrepreneurial topics and more in her podcast.

Why You Should Listen:

Now, THIS is my most favorite podcast. Myleik knows how to serve it up and she’s so raw with it that you can’t help but you gravitate to her. She’s lived or is living what she talks about and her goal is to help those on their own journeys to success in hopes to teach you things that she had to learn the hard way.

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