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Empirelistas You Need To Know

With social media becoming a virtual networking opportunity, it has afforded the chance for upcoming and established entrepreneurs to receive global exposure for their work. Fortunately, these platforms function as a two-way street for those seeking a new and/or alternative brand and for those wishing to brand themselves as the go-to brand.

With the help of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram women of color are being recognized now more than ever. Recognition ranging from empowering one another through brand imaging to creatively updating women on the latest trends in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty categories. Women of color are not only beginning to dominate this sector, but are also bringing back that needed sense of passion and pride.

I’ve curated a list of Empirelistas who are dominating social media communities and on the rise of changing the business world with their Empires.



Natalie Cofield

CEO of Austin Black Chamber, Founding President of Austin Black Technology Council and Founder of Walker’s Legacy
A driven force in the world of business, Cofield holds the titles of President and Founder of over three companies. Each role has been a push in the direction of recognizing the importance of minority-owned businesses in communities that are under-served. The latter, Walker’s Legacy, was created after Cofield realized the conflict of finding women like her who were pursuing the entrepreneurial route. In order to inspire women in the professional phases of their life, she created an open forum with lecture series geared towards establishing a global network where women strive together.

Kimberly Lewis

Kimberly Lewis

Co-Founder and CEO of The Natural Hair Academy (The NHA)
Created in 2013, the NHA serves as a virtual community for natural women and their varying curl patterns. Structured as a socializing platform, members have the chance to create profiles and access information geared specifically to their hair texture. The best part is that the site features great categories such as mini courses, natural news, deals and much more!

Arionne Nettlesnettles

Branding Director/Head of Operations of Pure DOPE Magazine & Chief Content Strategist of Fourth Concept Media Group
Nettles lives up to the name of a “professional storyteller” through her business ventures and motivation to encourage the youth of Chicago through the power of words. Using the concept of “4th estate” through the Fourth Concept of Media Group, Nettles applies her skills through media and journalism to ensure that the brand content of a company is unique and memorable. In addition, she teaches writing workshops in the local area to boost the creativity of self-expression amongst young adults. This marketing and media guru is one that is definitely on a rise to making an impact on the lives of others!

Melissa-Butler-Lip-BarMelissa Butler

Founder/CEO of The Lip Bar
Butler has provided a safe and creative atmosphere where women can feel even more beautiful with a bold lip color. She has taken the beauty industry by storm with a line of lipsticks made up of natural ingredients and emphasizes the enhancement of soft, moisturized lips. The value of self-expression and feeling comfortable in your own skin definitely sets her message apart from others.

*Disclaimer: In order to view the LinkedIn profiles of these four Empirelistas, you must have an account set up.




Ty Alexander
Style and Beauty Editor of and Founder of Gorgeous In Grey

Curator of a style and beauty lifestyle blog, Alexander offers a spunky voice for women to embrace confidence and a fearless attitude. Known best for her stunning grey tresses, Alexander’s exudes positivity through links to blog posts featuring the latest trends of fashion and makeup as well as great photos of her and others. This is one page that you cannot wait to visit for the go-to information in these categories.


Marion Malcome

Co-Founder of Sydney Malcome

Malcome is dedicated to helping small businesses in communities reach their full potential. Providing consultation on topics such as business plan development, personal coaching and program evaluations, Malcome ensures that she helps companies make an impactful social change on the area and people. Co-Founder Ashley S.C. Walls passed unexpectedly in June of 2014 and in order to carry on the mission that she and Walls established, Malcome created the “Building Blocks: The Ashley S. C. Walls Foundation” to help others succeed in reaching their dreams.


Candice Mackel
Founder of Women Who Hustle

Born from the hashtag, #womenwhohustle, Mackel created a brand that focuses on highlighting the hard-working women of today’s society and empowering them worldwide! Offering a multitude of events such as workouts and financial webinars, Mackel ensures that women feel motivated to excel in all aspects of life.


Yetunde Sarumi
Founder of Sew Urbane

Stemming from the love of watching her mother sew, Sarumi found joy in showing her mother’s creations off to others. After attempting the craft at a young age, she went on to find the true passion of sewing in 2011. As a sewing/fashion student in 2012, Sarumi later created a brand that mirrored the corporate look of America with an African twist. Her style is both unique and modern with a continuing fan base that meets the needs of fashionistas worldwide!


Britney Turner
Founder of Her Style Media

Following her love of blogging, Turner created an outlet geared to all things surrounding celebrity news, lifestyle, fashion, health and beauty. Well-known on the campus of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Turner’s success quickly skyrocketed to become a local and nationwide blog. Aiming to keep women updated in all areas that women find interesting, Turner ensures that her audience receives the best coverage possible with interviews, event highlights, photos and quotes!


Ahyiana AngelAhyiana

Contemporary Brand Stylist, Author and Founder of Life According To Her

Formerly a dominating force in the entertainment area of the Public Relations field, Angel currently serves as an author and contemporary brand stylist looking to help a person revamp their image. Using her marketing and branding skills, Angel branched off to social media to create a page for women to encourage each other in all aspects of life. Featuring daily posts of women in different fields, inspiring quotes and realistic insight, this page is one that further empowers the community among women.

pittsMorgan Pitts

Founder of #BlackGirlsWhoBlog

Pitts simple, yet clever hashtag, #blackgirlswhoblog, led to the creation of an inspiring movement. The purpose of this page is both liberating and refreshing to find because it acknowledges the wide amount of African-American bloggers on the Internet. Updated daily with motivational images and new faces, this is a page that will only continue to prosper!


Angela Walkerawalker

Founder of N Natural Hair Studio, The Nstitute, The Naturalista Hair Show and co-founder of the RISE Women Empowerment Tour

Walker saved $30,000 to open her own natural hair studio in 2012. She works hard to stand out among her competition by offering Naturalista’s a full range of local and national events, using Instagram as a visual driver her her businesses. Learn more about her most recent venture here.

meaganlylesMeagan Lyles

Owner of Creatively Flawless & Founder of The Powerful Womens Weekend

Lyles is a woman activist succeeding in bringing together women of all walks. Through her businesses she guides women through self-discovery and helps them and others to build meaningful brands. Learn more about her passions here.

This compiled list includes women and brands that need to be followed as soon as possible! Although it represents a portion of Empirelistas out there in the world, it is a great start in acknowledging the hard work of women who are building their own empire. Be sure to share individuals who you think should be added to the list!

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