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#PowerCouple: Dating an Entrepreneur

I guess you could call me a business woman. By day I am standing in front of tomorrows future international leaders. Instructing and assisting them as they navigate through America and their new home, as English speakers. Once class has concluded that is when the real fun begins. Breian (Bray-on), the entrepreneur takes over. But all work and no play can be a dull existence. As a single woman with multiple titles it can be quite difficult to enter the dating race. I often use my businesses as excuses. However, we all know you make time for who and what you desire to spend your time on. So that excuse isn’t holding up too well for me.

Business and relationships are often thought to be very different and should be kept separate. I tend to think they are exact mirrors of one another. Relationships like companies must be fostered and groomed into empires. Dedication, quality time, and constant attention are need in both arenas. There is no wonder why dating an entrepreneur may seem more like a job than time well spent. Recently I threw myself back into the ring and I’m finding that a few business 101 strategies can be applied to dating an entrepreneur.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. As business owners it is a rule of thumb not to promise more than you can commit. Our word is our bond so to speak. The same can be said for romantic relationships. In the beginning stages of courting it is pertinent to allow time to fully comprehend one’s intentions. There are those who are in it for what you can bring to the table. Some genuinely would like to seek partnership. And although sponsors are great for business, they can be lethal to personal relationships. I have taken one of the first lessons learned as a business owner and applied it to my dating life. Always ask questions and say exactly what you mean. As in business, relationships signals get crossed and in the end neither party is pleased. Women entrepreneurs who are up front about what their business entails can forward that same thinking into dating. The results are less confusion and more meaningful quality time.

Time is….well, money. In a world of goods and services time is definitely king. Our society has become a breeding ground for “who can get it done the fastest.” As a small business owner there is only but a small window to introduce, pitch, and sell your brand. Each moment spent with a potential client or investor is money well spent or wasted. The same can be said for those of us who date. No one likes for their time to be misspent. Yes, building relationships take effort and time. However, there is an evident difference between making steady strides and dragging one’s feet. Women who date with a goal in mind tend not to make light of their invaluable time. So, if you failed to adhere to the scheduled meet-up time or are too indecisive about ‘where this is going’ try not to take it personal when the decision has been made for you. Basically, time is….well, money.

Assets and liabilities. Too easy right? I guess everyone doesn’t get it. Starting any relationship, be it business or personal has its up and downs. This is inevitable. You will experience challenges, commitments that will require sacrifice and exhaustion from all of the long nights and extended hours. But before starting that business you sat down and weighed the potential assets and threatening liabilities. These same practices are yielded to determine if that potential suitor is second or third date worthy. I’m reminded of a scene from Being Mary Jane. In season 2 a new potential beau caught the attention of Mary Jane. While being chatted up by Mr. Potential, Mary was simultaneously jotting down his negative and positive attributes. With iPad in hand she laid in bed gathering intel. Though this particular scene may come across a little anal and unrealistic, it is a necessary evil. Empirelistas may not walk around with iPads packed with the pros and cons of our latest love interest. Nonetheless, it is essential in the beginning stages of a relationship to determine which liabilities you are willing to manage.

Sign on the dotted line. Many of us have spent countless hours studying and acquiring certifications and degrees. When entering the workforce we look forward to our job titles. They garner a sense of prestige and importance. Which is why the argument of no titles in a relationship falls on deaf ears when it comes to me. As consenting adults, if we decide to date exclusively, it should respectfully come with a title. What you choose to label that title is entirely left up to the couple. It is disheartening how many men and women have become accustom to “dating but not dating”. This scenario was best described in the YouTube series First. It’s rare that much business is agreed upon by a simple handshake. We rely heavily on contracts and titles. In an effort to prevent misunderstandings about position, make it official.

What are some ways that your business-mind assist or hinder you in your dating life? i’d love to hear about it, drop a line below!

Breian S. Brockington is the multifaceted writer and designer behind Kurvy Etiquette (, a blog and plus size fashion label focused on all things beauty and body positive.

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