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The Colored Girl Campaign is back with REBIRTH

Last month, we were introduced with to the melanin magic that is The Colored Girl. It caught like wildfire over social media and we fell in love with the alllllll the beautiful shades that were captured flawlessly.

The Colored Girl (TCG) celebrates, empowers and unites women by bringing awareness to the myriad of experiences of all women using creative outlets. TCG shatters stereotypes, challenge industry standards, and disrupt the accepted “norms”. Women from all walks of life; age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion will be highlighted through controversial and creative initiatives. (

Creators of The Colored Girl, Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones, are back again with yet another breathtaking installment of the groundbreaking campaign.

Photography by Island Boi Photography

Photography by Island Boi Photography

Donning the name of REBIRTH, this campaign proclaims the rebirth of the Black woman. Here’s an eloquent explaination of the campaign: She stands before you awakened and ready, in all her crowning glory to reclaim her regality and be celebrated in equality. Through her journey of self-affirmation and self-love, she is no longer an after thought. She has rightly taken her place at the table and shall not be ignored. No longer will she be relegated to subpar treatment. She stands up for herself and others in strength and love, to uplift those around her.

That was EVERYTHING right?

Clearly, we’re obsessed with everything TCG is. EmpireLifeMag.Com was able to ask Tori and Victory some burning questions about TCG. Check out our exclusive interview below!

Ever since the emergence of the first The Colored Girl campaign, how did it feel for it to have received such an overwhelming amount of support?

Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones: We are still so truly amazed, grateful and humbled by all the love, support and positivity!

We are finding that the sisterhood, solidarity, camaraderie, support and the love we have in our hearts and heads (and for each other) is more abundant than we imagined, and is spreading like wildfire! Since creating this project we are seeing all these things manifesting in so many different ways, and being put into action everyday. It is truly awesome!

Share your creative process when bringing together all the moving pieces of The Colored Girl Campaign.

TCG: Our combined creative process is based around the dynamic of our friendship (we are real life best friends), and our synergy as different types of creatives with Tori as a wardrobe stylist and Victory as a Singer/Songwriter. Luckily, we both have an eye for aesthetics and are both strong in different areas of production and execution, so the balance works for us. Generally speaking though, we conceptualize everything together, then divide tasks up, according to who does what well. We then we plan and execute, bit by bit until everything is done.

What advice do you have for those aspiring to create visual movements and campaigns?

TCG: Getting an idea to come to fruition and manifest itself as something tangible, takes work and structure. Start with a vision… then goals. Then break those into smaller goals and tasks, and make a plan to execute in a prioritized order. Also, set deadlines for each goal/task, so you can better stay on track.

Use your resources, and never underestimate the power of asking for help.

You’d be surprised at how many people are willing in so many different ways, to lend a hand and want to see you succeed!

Photography by Island Boi Photography

Photography by Island Boi Photography

Why do you believe The Colored Girl Campaign is so vital today?

TCG: Representation matters. Brown beauty and cultures needs to be celebrated just as much as the post-colonial imperialistic Westernized standards of beauty and culture… and rightly so, since most of the world is actually brown!

This is why what we are doing is relevant, necessary and impactful.

People need to see women of color being uplifted, celebrated, empowered, unafraid and unapologetically proud of who they are.

Especially young women of color, and young men of color! It’s imperative that they see these powerful, positive images and are able to be inspired by them, motivated by them, feel appreciated, impassioned, feel better about themselves, and know that they are worthy… that they are equally as important. They need to know that they matter just as much as anyone else.

Check out the behind the scenes video below and witness #BlackandBrownGirlMagic in action!

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Founders & Creative Directors: @stylebytori & @srvj
Photographer: @islandboiphotography
PR: @heirpr
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