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Building Your Dream Team

It is one thing to start a business, but another to ensure that it produces the highest quality of work. Ensuring the productivity of your business and climbing your way to the top of the success ladder cannot be a one-man band, you need a dream team!

There is a dream team behind every successful entrepreneur, change leader, organization and company. Why? We all need help. Let’s just face it!  If you want to make it to the peak of success, you will get busy, tired, overwhelmed and sometimes you just will not have all the answers.

But as a boss, you never want to be the ‘bad person’ that no one wants to work for, so building a dream team can be challenging. Here are five ways you can build your dream team to enhance the productivity of your business and push you up the ladder of success.

1. Learn their passions

I once worked in a coffee shop and I hated it because it had nothing to do with who I wanted to become or my passion.  However, I soon fell in love and developed an addiction for soy, vanilla lattes with light foam. So maybe if that company found a position for me as a coffee trainer, who specialized in lattes, I would have stayed. But I was working outside my passion,was miserable and quickly left. The lesson here is to steer clear of forcing individuals to work outside of their passions. If they are good at social media management, then place them in charge of that. If they are good at sending emails and reaching out to media, then make them the communication manager. The gist is to keep them working within their passions to to help them hone their skills and perform abundantly for your best interest.

 2. Define Roles

Working somewhere with no clue of what to do is the ultimate definition of frustration. Defining team player roles allows individuals to have clarity on what they are supposed to do, thus creating focus within the workplace. Role definition also allows each team player to have individual goals within the business and it establishes a sense of individual ownership for their aspect of the business. Lastly defining roles for your dream team is the first step in leadership delegation, allowing you to turn your one-man band into a Broadway show.

 3. Set Rules

Do you think that not setting any rules for your team players will make you a more likable boss? Well it won’t! Setting rules for your dream team means they will know what to wear to work, what will happen if they do not meet a deadline, confidentiality rules on your new programs, products and services, limitations on social media posts regarding your business and more. Rules need to be set within your business to establish structure. Have you seen the behavior of children on the playground versus when they are in the classroom with their teacher? On the playground kids play as they want, there are no rules, but in the classroom the teacher has a set rules on how each child should act, thus it creating structure for the children. Well your business is not a playground, so set rules.

4. Safe Working Environment 

Your dream team must know they are safe to express their ideas and opinions with you. The environment that you provide must not foster gossiping or harassment. They must not have anxiety or panic attacks when they think about working with you. Think about how you felt working for a boss that created a hostile work environment and apply how you would change it to build an ideal place of employment for your dream team. ‘Thou dream team will be safe!”

 5. Show Gratitude

 They work so hard for YOUR success. It is YOUR business that gains all the recognition. YOU’RE the reason they’ve sacrificed their family time. YOU! YOU! YOU!  When will it be about them? Show your dream team gratitude and appreciation for their hard work, commitment and dedication. If your business cannot afford raises, then give a onetime bonus, treat them to lunch, have a contest, give the day off and the smallest display of gratitude say ‘Thank You’. Whatever, it is just create an initiative to show your appreciation. No one has to put up with anything.  You got to treat em’ to keep em’!

Comment below with your best tips for building a dream team!'
Sidjae Price is the CEO and Organizational Consultant of Priceless Planning. She helps busy entrepreneurs to plan and organize their businesses by plugging in systems, structures and strategy to get them focused, balance life and snatch results. She created Priceless Planning with a focus on designing business systems and life structures, which results in a plan of daily actionables, of what to do to stay focus on business, all while attending to matters of personal life. A standout feature of her services, allows clients to have at least a 30 day calendar plan for their business and life. For more business planning & organizing tips visit or follow @pricelessplanning

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