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Building a Brand as a Mom

Building a brand is a full-time job. Being a mother is a full-time job. Doing both at the same time is not only possible but a rewarding experience for you and your children. There are situations and opinions that may say otherwise, but like anything else, you know what’s best for your life. You have to give yourself permission to be multilayered. Here are some helpful thoughts to arm yourself with as you center your experience as a mother and businesswoman.

1. Own the layered value & identity of your unique motherhood – Stop giving into the habit of defining the type of mother you are when asked about who you are or what you do. Blanket phrases like “just a stay home mom” or “working mother” or “full-time mother” are truly unnecessary and only demean how multifaceted and capable we are as women. It’s another way to inflict distracting mommy guilt, fuel the mommy war fires, and pre-judge each others mothering experiences. You are a mother. Period. And, it’s the ultimate form of leadership. Whatever you do, or don’t do for money & personal purpose is a layer of your identity but does not define or cancel your role as a mother. It’s in addition to. Being a mother does not diminish your ability as a businesswoman. Being a businesswoman does not diminish your ability as a mother. You are a mother and a businesswoman. Own them both, you have the exceptional ability to be more than one thing simultaneously. *Side Note* That goes for whoever you are… that’s not just for businesswomen by the way.

2. Keep your priority perspective centered – Your children only get one mother. You’re are everything to them. No matter how easily you can justify how important your work is, how impactful it is to the world, or how many people need you…your first priority must always be your family. There are no exceptions to this. What may seem like something trivial to you, means the world to your child. Your presence is the strongest love language to them. Being there is more important than anything you can provide for them. A broken family is a broken legacy no matter how successful your ventures are. Children need their parents.

3. Raise them up to be visionary minded – Being a mother and a visionary is a lifestyle. A living example of what it looks like to overcome obstacles, believe in something, and follow through. Include your children as much as you can, make it fun for them. When they are younger, give them a play office space in your work area so they can imitate you. As they get a little older, give them the opportunity to create their own business idea that they can work on while you build yours too. The possibilities are endless… and hey, you never know what they might inspire in your own work. Children are just mini powerhouses full of unfiltered imagination. Always ask them what they think, or what they would do. Instill in them that their ideas and thoughts have worth.

4. Be flexible & accept that things may not always go the way you plan – When you go into something with the understanding that you might have to adjust accordingly it helps that not become a crisis in itself. You may have to get used to doing smaller tasks when you can. (Find some of the time mastery tips I have learned to be most useful here.) You may also have to train yourself to work in conditions you’re not used to ( more noise, being interrupted, different workspace, etc.) You may not always get everything done in your timing either. But, it’s okay! Celebrate the small progressions and just continue to stack them up. Keep a list of everything you’ve accomplished just as you would a to-do list. As a mother, it helps to literally see it so that you can continue to encourage yourself.

Whatever motherhood looks like for you, it is exactly what it needs to be. Each family has different personalities, rhythms, needs and purposes. Be in tune to how to best cultivate what that is, and then rock it unapologetically. You CAN build a brand and be a mother. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. You got this power mama. We’re all rooting for you!

Ashley is a Brand Writer + Strategist running Sacred Rebel, her own development studio for female creative visionaries. You can learn more about her and Sacred Rebel, by exploring, or follower her on Instagram @sacredrebel

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    Sanaa Brooks

    July 13, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    I love this! I currently have a 3 yr old, work part time, go to school full time and I run a blog. But when people see me on my laptop 24/7 they think I’m just on facebook and twitter doing nothing! I recently just published an eBook today! It’s so hard juggling everything but it’s definitely worth it! Thanks for the reminder.

    ~ Sanaa

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