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#SurvivaloftheLittest: Brand Chicago

What do you know about branding? Is there a difference between a personal and professional brand? How are you able to communicate your brand effectively to your target audience?

Image Courtesy of Ajibade Ashola

Saturday, April 29th was a gloomy and rainy one in Chicago but gave even better reason to stay inside to soak up some knowledge to answer those burning questions. A new and refreshing take on the standard day-long conference, Brand Chicago featured some of the city’s best and brightest young Black influencers who dropped major gems on an eager packed house of budding and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Branding is about controlling the conversations people have about both you and your business when you’re not in the room. – Brand Chicago

Image Courtesy of Natalie Frazier

Hosted by brand consultant and founder Brittany Applegate, Brand Chicago was created to manage, control, and plan when those conversations take place.  Setting out to provide insightful solutions, Brand Chicago’s mission is to arm participants with the tools, cool insights, and strategies you need to develop and manage themselves, side hustle, or business.

A breath of fresh air from the popular all-women list of presenters, participants were able to learn from both acclaimed men and women who are yielded as experts in their field. The presenters included Ten25’s Johnnie Lovett, attorney Femi Masha, digital brand strategist Maya Hicks, Queensview Creative Studios’ A’darah and Glam Express’ Crystal Dyson.

Each session’s topic touched all of the major pressure points that most of not all first & second year business owners experience. The day’s subject matter included:

  • marrying your passion to your purpose
  • discovering the power of insights
  • learning how to legally protect your brand
  • creating a strong visual brand identity
  • identifying possibilities to convert to profit
  • breaking through the social media clutter

The day ended with a dynamic panel discussion featuring Glappitnova’s Nick Brown, Upshot’s Ashley Bryant, Blast Radius’ Julian Gilliam and We Are Unlimited’s Veronica Appleton.

Brand Chicago was full of countless words of wisdom from the presenters and participants alike who were able to share their entrepreneurial stories. The overarching theme of the day, however, was coined by founder Brittany Applegate: Survival of the Littest.

Survival of the Littest can take shape in many ways but ultimately communicates that only the most passionate and “on fire” individuals will “survive” at the end of the day. No matter what, if your creativity and drive keeps growing, you’ll be able to push through and push on.

Check out some of Brand Chicago’s most tweetable soundbites below:

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