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Growing up, my mother was my role model. She was a beautiful, strong and smart black woman and the first example of what I would grow to shape my view of what being a woman meant to me. There were many women who have paved the way for us today! Many women paid the price so that we could have the freedom that we cling to every moment! I know being a woman comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. So many women do amazing things around the world, but I must admit I do admire positive and influential black women. #BlackGirlsRock, is so much more than a saying or trend to me, it’s everything! It sheds light on what black women and girls are doing and have done to propel this world forward.

I’ll never forget in school when black history month would come, my favorite part was picking out a historical figure to write about. My first report was on Madame C.J. Walker, the first black female millionaire. At the time I had dreams of becoming a licensed cosmetologist, and reading about Madam C.J. Walker truly inspired me. Not only because she was a millionaire but because she looked like me, and I mean this in the sense of her being a black woman. It made me feel as if I could and would accomplish anything I put my mind to, and that the only thing that would stop me, was me.

It’s truly tough being a woman at times, but there seems to be an added pressure with being a black woman. So I marvel when we as black women accomplish great things. I feel like when one wins, we all win in some sort of way. It’s true that the media would try to make women of color feel as if we aren’t good enough, and maybe that some may need to be a shade lighter to be accepted. We hear about black actresses fighting for the “good” roles instead of the stereotypical roles, and now some are even boycotting the Oscars, after years of one-sided recognition and due to the overall lack of diversity within the organization.

We have made progress but we still have so much more to do.

On a brighter note black women have definitely been rocking out lately, there is Taraji P. Henson winning Best Actress at the Golden Globes.


There is also Serena Williams slaying her most recent Sports Illustrated cover. A cover that’s undeniably all about her accomplishments as an athlete. There was no need for fluff and/or multiple overlay text about what else the issue has to offer, our girl carried her own.


Photo credit Sports Illustrated

We continue to burst through doors that society tries to lock shut, and even when there isn’t a way, we make a way! I admire the strength that we as black women have, it’s almost as if no matter what may come our way, even if we fall, shake or get tripped, we get back up! It’s so important to get back up! Because life will throw some serious curve balls your way, and I’ve learned it’s not about the fall but how you get up.

What if Tyra Banks would have stopped pursuing a future in modeling when she received her first no? I’m so very convinced that although we may not be what society may see as beautiful, we are absolutely stunning and we come in all shades.


Our bodies may not be super slim or slender but our curves are to be embraced. Ultimately we must first believe that we as black women are worthy, worthy of living the life we want and desire to have. Worthy of flaunting our beautiful full lips for Mac like Aamito Lagum.


Photo Credit @maccosmetics

Yes! We may have to work a little harder (unfortunate, I know!) but it doesn’t mean we can’t do it, I believe that’s what society wants for us. For us to finally believe the lie that we just aren’t good enough, and that we aren’t valued as much as others. Everyone has an opinion but we can pick what we decide to listen to and believe.

I will never believe that just because my skin in different from someone else that I’m less than, because I know my value and I truly believe that I am a queen. We are all queens and we shouldn’t believe anything less.

Stand in light so the world can see your melanin glow! #BlackGirlsRock

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Motivating women in here hustle, Michelle retired as a heartbreak kid, and became a heart healer. Through, she speaks to the everyday woman, to encourage and motivate them to have the life they desire. Michelle is a a certified life coach and author.

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