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Sidjae Price

Sidjae Price is the CEO and Organizational Consultant of Priceless Planning. She helps busy entrepreneurs to plan and organize their businesses by plugging in systems, structures and strategy to get them focused, balance life and snatch results. She created Priceless Planning with a focus on designing business systems and life structures, which results in a plan of daily actionables, of what to do to stay focus on business, all while attending to matters of personal life. A standout feature of her services, allows clients to have at least a 30 day calendar plan for their business and life. For more business planning & organizing tips visit or follow @pricelessplanning

  • Stop setting goals. START EXECUTING THEM!

    In February 2016, Forbes confirmed, “Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. They own 1.5 million businesses...

    BusinessSidjae PriceMay 24, 2016
  • Building Your Dream Team

    It is one thing to start a business, but another to ensure that it produces the highest quality of work. Ensuring the productivity of...

    BusinessSidjae PriceMay 10, 2016