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31 Days. 31 Women. 31 Profiles of Success: Aliyah + Shah Build a Bossmom Nation

Aliyah + ShahAs apart of National Women’s Small Business Month were recognizing the mamas, Aliyah+ Shah, for building a platform that acknowledges the small and large gains that accompany motherhood. This community is known as BOSSMOM NATION! I had the chance to ask the mamas a few questions, enjoy!

Sacred Rebel: What kind of woman is the prototype of a BossMom?

Aliyah + Shah: The modern mama! A woman who is comfortable in her position as a mother but does not let it consume her life. She is aware that motherhood has changed her and accepts that it has made her a better woman. She no longer chases her old self. She manages so many facets of her household and she does it perfectly…for her own life. Yes exactly! Perfection is whatever she achieves, not anyone else’s standards. She handles it all: the good, the bad and the crazy! It all happens in her household. She respects the process.

SR: How important is community within motherhood? What role does BossMom playing in nurturing that?

A+S: Community is everything when it comes to motherhood. That’s why we have built a BOSSMOM Nation full of women of different backgrounds and ages. It’s important to connect with other women that go through what you are going through or have been where you are. In this beautiful little social media world, we are too often mistaken that there are perfect mothers out there. It’s important to get a little reassurance that we all go through things and are able to give, even if it’s just sharing a story, to other mamas out there!

SR: What advice would you like to offer to women on their journey to build their empires?

A+S: A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, neither does a closed mind! Never be afraid to ask and reach out to others for advice, how-to’s, where-to’s or what-to’s! But also never be afraid to try or just do things your way. Always seek ways to improve your product or service, your customers will always notice and they deserve it! Believe it not, baby steps aren’t bad!

SR: What’s next for you and your business?

A+S: For now, we are focused on growing our community internationally (international shipping logistics are a little crazy) and of course domestically. Product improvements are at the top of our list and a small expansion of our product line that involves the women we cater to! #staytuned. Please join in on the community at @BOSSMOMNATION on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter on our blog + shop at!

Ashley is a Brand Writer + Strategist running Sacred Rebel, her own development studio for female creative visionaries. You can learn more about her and Sacred Rebel, by exploring, or follower her on Instagram @sacredrebel

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